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What is PAS 91?

In essence, PAS 91 is a standardised pre-qualification questionnaire which was created to harmonise the various and numerous question sets used between different buyers and making PQQs simpler for the supplier to complete.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) was commissioned by the UK Government to develop a common minimum standard for construction procurement. From 2016, all public sector buyers will mandate the use of PAS 91. The scheme below shows how PAS 91 fits into the pre-qualification process:

Digram showing which parts of the PQQ process can be PAS91 compliant

Scheme: How PAS91 fits into the pre-qualification process

What are the aims of the PAS 91 standardised question set?

By having a standardised the pre-qualification questionnaire, suppliers will understand what information is required from them and can have this data prepared. PAS 91 also aims to improve consistency between PQQs and databases used as well as allowing suppliers to easily identify suitably qualified Main Contractors.

Benefits to the supplier:

  • With only one question set, suppliers know what to expect in a PQQ and can have the data to hand.
  • Suppliers can then develop standard answers to the core questions to save time.
  • By reducing the amount of time, and money, spent on the PQQ process, suppliers can apply for more work contracts.
  • By being PAS 91 compliant, a supplier has a 'foot in the door' to working with public sector buyers.
  • Constructionline members are automatically PAS 91 compliant. So suppliers can copy information from their online PQQ to fill out PAS 91 PQQs with non-Constructionline buyers.

What information will be needed?

For the full requirements needed to fill out our online PQQ, please visit our criteria page.


  • Standard business information
  • Full financial details
  • Business and professional standing
  • Health and safety policy and capacity
  • Equal opportunities and diversity policy and capacity
  • Environmental management policy and capacity


  • Trade Association / Professional Body Membership
  • Quality management policy and capacity
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Benefits to the buyer:

  • PAS 91 is mandated for use with central Government clients.
  • By using PAS 91, buyers can support the CSR agenda by reducing the burden on suppliers and particularly SMEs.
  • Buyers can demonstrate to clients that they follow UK Government common minimum standard for procurement in construction.
  • PAS 91 saves time and enables buyers to focus on the project-specific areas of the pre-qualification process.
Pas 91 compliant

Want to find out more how buyers use PAS 91?

  • The case study below details how one of our buyers implemented PAS 91, which reduced the burden of pre-qualification for both the buyer and supplier:

Download the case study

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