A day in the life of a Constructionline sales person

Constructionline’s national sales team is on hand to make sure our 8,000 registered buyers from over 2,500 organisations fully utilise Constructionline in their procurement processes and in turn, remove unnecessary PQQ duplication for our members. We asked Michael Waddington, our team member for the North West of England, to talk us through an average working day.


On an average day I’m usually out of bed at 6am. However, today I have a busy morning planned so I’m up earlier than usual.
First things first, in order for me to start my day right, I need fuel – so I try to get my wife to make me a cup of tea, if she grumbles, I rush to do it myself to keep in her good books.

As I do every morning, I start work at home, taking time to read and respond to any emails in my inbox. A few of my emails this morning are from The Chest (the North West’s local authority procurement portal). I log on to the website to take a look at the latest contract opportunities and check to see if any of my Constructionline buyers have posted a notice, looking for evidence that they have allowed Constructionline suppliers to fast-track the pre-qualification process by providing their membership number. I set off at 7am to allow enough time for traffic to get to my first appointment in Manchester.


As part of my role, I host at least one ‘Meet the Buyer’ event in my patch each year to enable buyers to meet with local suppliers. Next year I have two, the first in Manchester at the beginning of the year which already has 22 buyers confirmed to attend. The second event is in June, and I have chosen Telford since I have a number of new buyers in this area who would like Constructionline’s support to help them engage with local SME suppliers.

This morning I quickly drop in to two potential venues to check their suitability for the Manchester event. I decide on the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City FC, it’s a great venue which is easy for my buyers and suppliers to get to and it offers plenty of parking. I make a call to the marketing team so they can book it and start promoting the event.


My meeting today is with Salford City Council which has been a member of Constructionline for seven years and is a regular user of Constructionline. The council is already PAS 91 compliant through use of Constructionline and has recognised SSIP within its pre-qualification requirements to simplify the process for suppliers.

We discuss how Constructionline can assist with advertising the council’s upcoming frameworks. Having benefited from efficiency savings through using Constructionline’s advertising methodology in the past; they agree to reference Constructionline in the process again. I log into the system and give them a quick re-fresh of how to add Constructionline registered applicants to a supplier list. We then discuss the promotion of the framework opportunities and agree to hold a series of workshops so potential suppliers can find out more about the opportunity and the council is able to explain their alignment with Constructionline.

Before the meeting comes to a close, I let Salford know about the upcoming ‘Meet the Buyer’ event in January as it presents an excellent opportunity to engage with local suppliers and discuss upcoming work opportunities. They show a positive interest in the opportunity and all in all, it’s been a very productive meeting.


After my meeting, I stop en route to grab some lunch and answer the voicemails and email enquiries I have received in the morning. As the North sales team leader for Constructionline, I also like to keep in regular contact with my colleagues, so I use the opportunity to catch up with them, providing support in any way I can.


On the way home, I stop to visit a supplier who was not able to attend a recent supplier day, offering advice on how to complete their Constructionline application so they are able to tender for an upcoming framework opportunity for one of my buyers. I point out the mandatory information required to complete their application so they can get through the process as quickly as possible. I also explain the importance of references and how they are used to calculate their maximum contract value.


By the time I get home at the end of the day it’s nearly 5 o’clock. There’s a bit of time left before dinner for a few end-of-the-day tasks and emails to send. When dinner time arrives I enjoy the chance to catch up with my family.


I am a keen golfer, so after dinner I head out again for a round of golf with some friends. We tee off at 7:30 and take just under 2 hours to finish the 18 holes. When I’m home, a cup of tea made by my daughter is a welcome sight and I settle down after my busy day.