Building Safety Act:
What is it and how can you comply?

With the introduction of the Building Safety Act, everyone in the supply chain is responsible for demonstrating competence and compliance. But what is the Building Safety Act, and what must you do?

How can we help you with the Building Safety Act?

BSA Assessments – two question sets

Developed in partnership with key industry partners, the BSA Assessments encompass two primary areas: standard construction and higher-risk buildings.

These bring together components from our established industry question sets, alongside a concise selection of BSA-specific queries. This approach streamlines the assessment process, minimising time and effort while ensuring alignment with BSA standards (BSI Flex 8670 v3).

Available for Constructionline Gold and Platinum members at no extra cost.

Building Safety Act Question Set - Constructionline

BSA Radar - Constructionline

BSA Radar – supply chain compliance

Designed for principal contractors and principal designers, our BSA Radar provides you with a one-click view of your supply chain’s compliance, identifying suppliers that may have serious sanctions or areas for you to review.

Whether it’s at a project level or across your entire supply chain, the BSA Radar gives you a real-time view of your supply chain in line with our new BSA Assessments, so you can easily view your supply chain compliance against Standards relating to the BSA, such as BSI Flex 8670 v3.

Free to use for our paying Buyers, our BSA Radar will save you and your team time and effort.

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