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Osborne Energy

Osborne Energy is one of the UK’s leading energy efficiency project management providers. From energy efficiency assessments to the provision of energy grants and loans, Osborne provides energy management and energy efficiency solutions to both the private and public sector.

At the time of writing (August 2017), the organisation has been a registered member of Constructionline for over 10 years. Initially beginning their membership as a registered supplier, Osborne Energy now uses Constructionline primarily as a buyer. We spoke to Nicole Barrett, Compliance Officer at Osborne about how they use Constructionline.

‘How does Osborne use Constructionline, both as a buyer and a supplier?’

“Initially, we started out with Constructionline as a supplier. In regards to winning work opportunities, we found our membership very useful. The Opportunities Notice Board offers the ability to tender for valuable work projects posted by Constructionline buyers - a very good source of work for our pipeline. Furthermore, our membership with Constructionline assisted us in pre-qualification arrangements with Local Authorities and Social Housing Providers. As a member we often score higher than our competition. It is one of the many reasons why Osborne Energy is one of only twelve London RE:NEW framework contractors.

“However, we now operate as a buyer in the majority of cases. Osborne has been using its buyer registration more extensively over the past 12 months; it is an integral part of our supplier management process. All contractors working with us under the ECO funding stream must be Constructionline registered, and must maintain their registration. This arrangement relieves Osborne Energy in the task of checking suppliers’ health and safety management arrangements, waste licenses and insurances - thus considerably reducing our administrative processes.

“Constructionline alerts us to any issues with our supply chain; providing reassurance that any contractors with missing insurances, documents or financial issues are duly notified. Although Osborne Energy Ltd monitors its supply chain closely, Constructionline adds a considerable advantage to our set up by providing such valuable information automatically.”

‘Tell us about the contract you have won with Lewisham Council’

“Osborne Energy is one of only twelve companies under the London RE:NEW framework. We have been successful in winning the Lewisham Council contract for ECO and the Green Deal for the next four years. The success of our tender is partially due to the assurance provided to Lewisham Council that all of our ECO supply chain is registered on Constructionline, alongside ourselves. This assists the council with their public body requirements in being compliant with PAS 91.

“As a Managing Agent and Green Deal Provider, we recognise the advantages of PAS 91 compliance for both ourselves and our supply chain. Using Constructionline, and therefore adopting PAS 91 in the PQQ process, enables us to prevent unnecessary duplication of questions - saving time for Osborne and our contractors.”

‘Will you be looking to source sub-contractors for the Lewisham project using your Constructionline buyer membership?’

“Yes. As a requirement, all contractors working with us must be Constructionline registered. Therefore, Osborne Energy will be encouraging local Lewisham contractors to join Constructionline, if they haven’t done so already, in order to benefit from the work locally available to them. We intend to incorporate the local workforce to the best of our abilities.

“With the help of our dedicated Constructionline Client Relationship Manager*, we are planning a number of engagement days to take place in late spring, early summer. As a Managing Agent for grant funding, a Green Deal provider and a Green Deal advice organisation, we work nationwide. So by holding engagement events at locations across the UK, we intend build a supply chain of SME/local businesses in a number of different regions.”

*Client Relationship Managers have since been replaced by Business Development Managers and Key Account Managers