Eiffage Kier in partnership with Constructionline

Together we can offer the best service to our customers at every stage of a project’s delivery and meet company, customer and legal requirements

Aims & Objectives

Eiffage Kier are keen to engage with supply chain partners, no matter how big or small your organisation. We are looking for exceptional suppliers who share our values and enthusiasm.

Our goals are to:

We are looking for supply chain partners who:

Our Partnership with Constructionline

To ensure we adopt a robust, consistent approach to supplier prequalification and accreditation, Eiffage Kier have chosen to partner with Constructionline. Their solution offers a scalable accreditation model that supports our inclusive procurement strategy, offering membership levels that are both proportionate and relevant to the size or risk profile of a prospective supplier.
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For further information regarding Eiffage Kier’s prequalification requirements please:

Register your interest on CompeteForUpgrade or sign up to Constructionline
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David Lowery - Director

David Lowery - Director


“Together, we can transform the civil engineering and construction industry, influence future generations, support the growth of the UK economy and leave a legacy that improves people’s lives.”




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