Product Update – July 2022

Five platform updates to help you win more work

We are excited to announce platform updates to some of our most popular features. 
As a result of our customer feedback, we regularly update the Constructionline and Facilitiesline platform to help you get the most out of your membership and find new business. Please find this month’s updates below. 

Marketplace FIND - Search Interface

A range of changes will refresh the design as well as make it easier to use and adopt. We have changed: 

  1. Combined Keyword and CPV search terms
  2. Relabelled ‘My Filters’ to ‘Saved Searches’
  3. Introduced a ‘Clear Filter’ button
  4. ‘Sticky’ Show Results button
  5. Introduced separate ‘Published On’ and ‘Deadline Date’ Filters

Marketplace FIND - Results table

The display of results will be updated to address a number of points raised by customers: 
  1. Introduced an ‘Adjust Filters’ button to allow editing
  2. Introduced ‘ Source of Match’ e.g. ‘Keyword found in Title and Description.’
  3. Default results to show most recently published at the top
  4. Introduced option to select Daily/Weekly/Off for notifications

Marketplace FIND - Results page

The project description page has now been updated to enhance usability: 
  1. When viewing an opportunity we now highlight the keyword
  2. The ‘source’ has now be moved under the opportunity title to make it easier for users to navigate to the 3rd party source website to see the information.

Other important updates

Saved Searches in Marketplace 
We’ve refined the searches by using CPV code matches for all the work categories a supplier has submitted, as well as limiting searches to Public Tenders only. This will result in fewer but better-targeted notifications for customers.

Location Engine Update in Marketplace 
The location matching engine has been updated to remove non-UK results such as Dublin and Malta from appearing in UK area searches, improving the integrity of the results.

Need help with any of these updates?

If you could use some support to ensure you’re getting the most out of our platform, contact us via  Live Chat  or by  visiting our website  today.

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