Using the Constructionline platform since 2011

AmicusHorizon provides homes and services to communities across London, the South and South East of England. A company committed to providing more than just bricks and mortar; they also work to improve the lives of residents by adopting innovative programmes and training schemes.

The company’s portfolio includes managing over 28,000 homes, offering housing solutions from general needs to housing for people with care and support needs. They currently have nearly 175 new homes on site or in contract to build across the region.


AmicusHorizon first adopted Constructionline in September 2011, ever since, they have utilised their membership to deliver efficiency savings in their procurement process and to support their sustainability agenda with a promise to source local suppliers.

Constructionline is committed to reducing duplication within the procurement process in as many ways as possible. So when AmicusHorizon advertised an OJEU work opportunity on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) in June 2012, the company was able to make considerable savings in both time and money. Thirteen registered suppliers responded to the tender opportunity and were able to bypass stage one of the pre-qualification questionnaire by simply providing their Constructionline membership number.

John Gibbons, procurement project manager at AmicusHorizon said: “Working with Constructionline to improve our pre-qualification questionnaires has been extremely beneficial in helping us make efficiency savings during the OJEU tendering process. By asking for suppliers’ Constructionline number, we are able to reduce the amount of time and administration spent on assessing PQQs as we can get all of these details from the Constructionline database.”

Furthermore, Amicus set aside a day to assess the responses received from suppliers. However, with the help of their Constructionline Account Manager they were able to complete the process in just 2 hours. The company saved valuable time. Time better spent in other areas of the procurement process.

As part of a promise to help connect buyers with qualified contractors and consultants, Constructionline hold an annual series of ‘Meet the Buyer’ events at locations across the UK. At these events, buyers are given the opportunity to meet face-to-face with suppliers to discuss upcoming tender opportunities. AmicusHorizon regularly attend the ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, which have enabled the organisation to address it’s sustainability agenda by sourcing local suppliers. The events give AmicusHorizon the opportunity to engage with local SME contractors, discuss upcoming work opportunities in the area and build a locally based supply chain.

On 1st August 2011, AmicusHorizon adopted the principles of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), promoting mutual recognition between health & safety prequalification schemes. With SSIP, buyers can be reassured that registered suppliers are competent in basic health & safety to stage one of the core criteria, removing the need for any further evidence at this stage. Amicus are then able to focus on the project or job specific health & safety assessment (stage two).

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