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NHS London Procurement Partnership works with Constructionline to deliver the industry’s first Dynamic Purchasing System

In January 2016, NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) launched the first Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the construction industry in order to recruit suppliers for minor building works valued up to £500,000.

LPP has established the DPS to provide its NHS trust members and other public sector bodies with a compliant procurement route for their minor building works projects.

Working in partnership with Constructionline, LPP has launched the DPS to recruit suppliers across a wide range of trades, from plastering and landscaping, to electrical installation, building refurbishment and office fit-out.

Edward James, Workstream Lead at LPP explains, “Our Partnership exists to support the needs of our members and other public sector bodies on the procurement of any goods or services. The DPS allows us to build a list of quality suppliers to enable an NHS trust or other public sector organisation to purchase goods, works or services through an ‘open market’ of potential suppliers.”

“Furthermore, the DPS is flexible and will be kept open to allow potential suppliers to join at any time. This supports small and medium sized enterprises that may not be able to meet the selection criteria initially, giving them the opportunity to review their processes, finances and capabilities and apply for acceptance onto the DPS at a later stage.”

To simplify the process for suppliers, LPP is keen to accept Constructionline membership in lieu of its full pre-qualification questionnaire. And, for all suppliers joining the DPS who aren’t Constructionline registered, Constructionline’s team of expert assessors will be handling the assessment process on behalf of LPP as a part of our One-Off Assessment Service.

Andy Preston, Client Relationship Manager* at Constructionline said, “We’re keen to reduce the procurement burden for LPP. So by handling the Stage One assessment of all submitted PQQs for them, including suppliers that aren’t registered with us, LPP will save valuable time and money in the process – resources that can be better spent in other areas.”


As an opportunity to raise awareness about the DPS and recruit suppliers to join, LPP and Constructionline held a series of Supplier Engagement events, both face-to-face and via webinar.

At the events, held in November, the procurement team at NHS London Procurement Partnership was able to engage with suitable suppliers to discuss the scope of works available, and explain how suppliers can join the Dynamic Purchasing System.

Edward James told us, “The events offered an important step in the launch of our Dynamic Purchasing System. They gave us the chance to engage with suppliers from multiple trades to explain the details of our Minor Building Works DPS. We were really impressed with the amount of interest we received from quality sub-contractors at the events.”


To join NHS London Procurement Partnership’s Minor Building Works Dynamic Purchasing System, please complete the registration form.

Alternatively, if you are a buyer and would like to access the Minor Building Works Dynamic Purchasing System, please contact Edward James, Workstream Lead on 020 7188 7188 (x53804) or by email at edward.james@lpp.nhs.uk.

*Andrew Preston is now Buyer Services Sales Manager.

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