Constructionline adds to its supply chain management offer

Constructionline, the leading provider of procurement and supply chain management services, is introducing an increased range of membership accreditations. The new offer is designed to accommodate the broadening needs of both suppliers and buyers on a single platform.

The familiar Constructionline offer is renamed Silver, and continues to provide a compelling service: opening opportunities for smaller contractors by removing duplication from the PQQ process while simplifying supply chain management, and providing dynamic data verification for buyers by managing compliance to PAS 91.

The new Gold membership increases the level of scrutiny and risk management by extending the mandatory PQQ and including a mandatory Health and Safety Accreditation. The enhanced PQQ question set now includes verification of Environmental Management, Quality Management, Equalities and Diversity, and extended Health and Safety. It ensures buyers keep up with legislation in areas such as Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities, giving peace of mind across all these areas of governance.

The new Platinum membership, aimed at high-value, high-risk contracts and work categories, adds an on-premise audit and assessment.

All three levels are wrapped up in Constructionline’s real-time, dynamic data verification offering, setting them apart from their competitors.

Providing an increasing level of risk management, the enhanced membership levels are in demand from buyers looking to get real-time updates of non-conformities across their entire supply chain and as such receive increased assurance that their supply chain is not introducing additional risk into their business.

At the other end of the scale, Associate (level 1) membership allows suppliers to access the basic data storage facility and opportunities posted by buyers. Constructionline only verify company details for this level of membership, but Associate membership allows contractors to upload their data and experience the platform at no cost before moving on to the more rewarding upper levels of the system.

Buyers are able to direct contractors in their supply chain to seek verification at different tiers to reflect the level of risk they would like to manage, while suppliers can choose the level of membership that is most appropriate for the specialist services they provide and the type of contract opportunities they wish to pursue, with the opportunity to seamlessly upgrade between levels as the need arises.

John Edmunds, MD of Constructionline, sees this development as fundamental to the future of third-party governance and risk management within the built environment:

We know that buying organisations are increasingly aware of the risk that can be introduced into any project through its supply chain. This new tiered approach to supplier assessment gives buyers more robust risk management and increases their confidence by providing real-time updates on their entire supply chain from a single platform.

Extending our Pre-Qualification Questionnaire beyond the standard PAS 91 question set allows buyers to keep pace with new legislation – such as Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities – while on-premise audits add the necessary level of scrutiny appropriate for high value and high-risk projects.

As part of our ongoing growth plan we continue to invest in talent and technology, and we are excited to be introducing these new products and services to all our clients, customers and partners.

John Edmunds, Managing Director, Constructionline

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