Introducing Analytics & Risk Radar Webinar

We have made a significant improvement in our service to Suppliers and analytics of supply chain risk profiles.

Webinar Held: 25th May 2021
Host: Mike Wood and Martin Rogers


  • 1.48 Introduction 
  • 2.48 Improvements we have made to the platform 
  • 8.01 Improvements in Customer Support 
  • 9.15 Supply Chain Analytics & Reports 
  • 11.21 Risk Summary on each Supplier Profile 
  • 13.09 Risk Radar 
  • 15.05 Risk Radar – proactive risk management 
  • 16.37 What sets Risk Radar apart 
  • 18.07 Example reports 
  • 19.36 Demo 
  • 26.46 Q&A 
  • 28.15 Risk Policy 

Changes to the verification service:

  • We have made improvements to the verification service within Constructionline.
  • We now highlight and give you visibility on areas that need attention to achieve verification.
  • We have improved our response rate with 90%+ of calls and live chats having an average wait time of less than 1min, and all emails being responded to within 48hrs.
  • You will also receive 30-day email notifications when requirements are expiring with weekly reminders and confirmation.

Changes to Analytics:

  • This is going to be changing to Risk Radar.
  • Within the Supplier Profile, there will be a dashboard of key information such as Companies House status, Financial Health Score, caution events as well as highlighting the status of Insurance and Health and Safety status.

Risk Radar:

  • Constructionline’s enhanced supply chain risk and compliance management insights tool.
  • Combining AI and multiple data sources, Risk Radar provides procurement professionals unparalleled insight into the risk profile of the subcontractors within their supply chain.
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