Introducing the Issues Tab – Silver Suppliers Webinar

In this webinar, Mike and Tom will be introducing a new feature for our Silver members, in their Constructionline profile called ‘Issues’. The Issues tab has been designed to help you quickly identify any areas that need attention because they have expired or are due to expire in the next 30 days.

Webinar Held: 22nd April 2021
Hosts: Mike Wood and Tom Richardson
Guest Speaker: David Garnsworthy – PQQ Manager, Engie UK & Ireland


  • 2.12 Introduction and Agenda 
  • 3.03 Overview on how we developed the new issues tab 
  • 4.15 The Issues Tab 
  • 4.37 Reasons for introducing the issues tab 
  • 8.12 Issues Tab & Buyer Connections 
  • 12.12 Manage Compliance 
  • 16.10 How to download your certificates 
  • 16.44 Demo 
  • 23.23 how to provide feedback through the Aha! Portal 
  • 24.30 Q&A 
  • 31.09 Future webinar topics 

Key webinar highlights:

  • Overview: The Issues tab was developed from customer feedback in the Aha! Ideas Portal and research to improve your experience with the platform.
  • The Issues Tab: This tab in your profile helps to make any issues with your compliance visible to you as soon as possible. So now you can easily check to maintain and manage your verified status. It will also tell you the status of your verification if any items are with us for approval, or if they need submitting, or if there is any feedback to resubmit.
  • Demo of the features of the Issues tab highlighting the key areas to look for and how to manage your verified status.
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