Social Enterprise Webinar

Social Value is becoming more important in the UK across the construction industry since 2013 to drive social good in the community. In this webinar find out the importance of Social Value to your projects and how Social Enterprises can improve the Social Value in your supply chain.

Webinar Held: 2nd February 2022
Host: Rob Walton
Guest Speakers:
Jo Potts (Sustainability & Compliance Procurement Manager, Keir),
Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi ( COO & Supplier Lead, Supply Change)
David Parks (Managing Director, The Skill Mill)


  • 1.05 Introduction 
  • 3.34 Introducing our guest speakers 
  • 4.14 How working with Social Enterprises is a great way to demonstrate social value 
  • 7.23 Introducing the new Social Enterprise Goal 
  • 10.11 Q&A with guest speakers 
  • 10.47 Are you familiar with what a Social Enterprise is? 
  • 23.11 Are you already incorporating Social Enterprising in your sub-contractor or supplier selection process? 
  • 40.30 Do you see the use of Social Enterprises in your supply chain, and the importance of Social Value, becoming more important when winning work? 
  • 47.28 Demo 
  • 53.35 Next Steps 

Key Highlights:

In 2020 the government announced all Government Awarded Contracts from 1st January 2021 now require a minimum of 10% weighting on social value as part of PPN06/20.

It is becoming more important to consider using suppliers in your supply chain that add Social Value and have a positive impact on the community. We must be considering how companies do things, such as:

  • Engaging with the local community
  • Using social enterprises
  • Having apprenticeship schemes
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Having sustainable and environmentally friendly practices

Social Enterprise:

A Social Enterprise is a business that receives most of its income from trade providing goods and services but has a social mission or profit lock. This means a proportion of its profit goes directly to fund its social mission which could also include charities, co-ops and B-corps.

With Constructionline:

Verified Social Enterprises can apply for Free Constructionline Gold membership including SSIP. This makes it easier for buyers to find Social Enterprises to add to their supply chain and improve their Social Value.

Constructionline helps Social Enterprises get recognised for their quality and impact without worrying about fees. It also helps to de-risk Social Enterprises for buyers without compromising on quality.

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