Understanding SSIP with Acclaim Webinar

In this 1hr webinar, join our Health & Safety Specialist, Tim Briggs, who explains SSIP requirements and shares top tips on how to pass your Acclaim accreditation 1st time. 

Webinar Held: 29th November 2022 
Host: Tim Briggs  – Health & Safety Specialist


4.20 – What is SSIP

8.15 – SSIP background and core criteria

22.33 – Acclaim

31.27 – How it works

34.19 – Top 5 rejected questions

39.47 – Hints and Tips to pass first time

50.45 – Q&A


SSIP is a non-profit umbrella organisation supported by HSE and aims to reduce the cost and burden of health & Safety pre-qualification to suppliers and buyers. 

Having a Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) accreditation means that contractors do not need to repeat the full assessment process with multiple Health & Safety Schemes.  

SSIP’s core criteria are continuously evolving to ensure it continues to meet the demands of the industry. As a founding member of SSIP, Contructionline are audited every year by SSIP to make sure quality checks are up to standard. 

There are 12 main sections that affect all businesses in SSIP’s question set criteria that need to be met to get verified. Once approved businesses will be uploaded to the SSIP portal within 48hrs. 


Acclaim is now an accredited inspection body under ISO:17020 with UKAS. Acclaim is included in your Constructionline membership without any additional cost.  

There are 24 questions to answer covering the 12 SSIP sections, but with the same evidence requirements. These are continuously developed to help make them clearer to understand while still meeting the requirements for SSIP. 

Find out more about Acclaim here.

Acclaim Top Tips 

  • Provide a general description of the work your company undertakes 
  • Make sure all evidence is signed and dated within the last 12 months 
  • Review dates on training matrix and any expiry dates 
  • Clearly name the subcontractors you are reviewing/inspecting 
  • For Question 11 make sure you have evidence around planning of works such as meeting minutes, emails etc (sensitive details can be redacted)  
  • For Question 12 provide evidence of welfare provision 
  • Give us a call if you need help (but please be aware that assessors can’t advice you on what evidence to provide to maintain impartiality)  
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