Adding Value to your CSR

General Principles

There are 4 main areas of business excellence associated with CSR


The way a company conducts itself in terms of its environmental impacts, how it monitors, manages and implements continuous improvement. Often referred to as operating with a ‘duty of care’ for the environment suppliers with an excellent track record or commitment to the environment can often bring additional benefits through their environmental performance to their customers.


The way a company demonstrates the value they place on their employees, their training and development. Often referred to as being an ‘employer of choice’ suppliers who excel in this area are also likely to have excellent health and safety and equal opportunities track records and policy commitments.


The way a company deals with its customers and suppliers. Looking to excel in customer service and dealing with their suppliers fairly, this area of CR is normally referred to as being a business ‘partner of choice’. Companies often look to add value to their service provision at every opportunity.


The way a company recognises the impacts they have on the communities in which they operate, take account of their negative impacts and look to minimize them, and look to bring positive social benefits. Companies operating well in this area are normally referred to as being ‘good neighbours’.

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