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A quick guide to Community Policies

In this area suppliers often do not have a formal policy document, instead they usually come in the form of statements or as additional information about ‘added value’ or charitable activity.

This should not devalue any of this activity and buyers need to use their own knowledge of the area to assess the potential benefits of such activities.

All Community Policies, where held, should be easy to read and publicly available or available on demand.

Basic community activity will normally include:

A commitment;

  • to cause minimum disruption to local communities
  • to manage noise, dust etc
  • to meet transport requirements to avoid unsociable hours, school runs etc
  • to some form of charitable activity
  • to some form of community engagement

To go beyond a basic policy a supplier may want to extend their policies to cover:

  • Targeted activity to support a specific sector or area of disadvantage i.e. education, sport etc
  • A commitment to give a specific % of profit and/or time to charitable or community engagement
  • Partnerships, even on a small scale, with charities, local community organisations etc