PAS 91:2013 guidance for Constructionline supplier members

Constructionline incorporates the PAS 91:2013 question set and format as the basis of our supplier assessment. This forms a part of our continued commitment to simplifying the pre-qualification process for buyers and suppliers alike.


PAS 91 was developed with suppliers in mind in order to help reduce the need for you to complete a variety of different pre-qualification questionnaires for different, and in some cases, the same clients.

Essentially, PAS 91 is a standard pre-qualification questionnaire format for buyers to use. This means that once you have completed one questionnaire in this format, you can use the same set of standard responses for all buyers who are PAS 91 compliant – saving you time and money.

The UK Government has mandated use of the PAS 91 question set for all central government buyers and recommends that all other buyers use this format to make the pre-qualification process simpler, making work opportunities more accessible to suppliers.

As a Constructionline member, you already benefit from not having to complete basic pre-qualification information for the 3,800+ buying organisations that already use our service. However, for those buyers who do not use Constructionline but have adopted PAS 91, you can now use your Constructionline responses to pre-qualify for their opportunities too. Similarly, if you have previously completed PAS 91 questions for other clients, you can now use those answers to update your Constructionline profile.

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