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Summary of certification criteria for suppliers

At Constructionline, we assess suppliers’ information to a common, transparent standard, so that buyers can source supplier’s standard information directly from our database.

Constructionline’s certification criteria is set out in the full document available to download here.

Please note: The certification criteria applies to organisations in their entirety rather than to individual branch offices.

How does our company get visible as soon as possible?

Tip 1

It’s best to not try to complete everything at once. Begin your application process by completing the compulsory information required (C1-C4).

Tip 2

References can take the most time to collect, so why not start by choosing two work categories that best present the main types of work you undertake. You can always add more once your profile is live.

Get into the habit of asking clients for references as soon as a project is completed whilst still fresh in your minds.

Tip 3

Don’t forget, our friendly helpline staff are just at the end of the phone should you need any further assistance completing your application. Contact them on 0844 892 0313.

Calls will cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

What information is compulsory to all levels of membership?

This information must be provided by all suppliers on initial registration and updated annually, or at any time there is a change in the information provided. A Monthly Statement will be sent to the Primary Contact email address belonging to your Supplier Profile, alerting you to any current or upcoming expirations.

Please note: All policy statements must be signed and dated.


Here we will ask you for full contact details of your registered office, head office and branch offices, or principal business as appropriate as well as your company name / trading name, as shown on your accounts.

If applicable, you’ll also need to provide your VAT number (although this is not mandatory) and certificates of incorporation. We also recommend you provide your Unique Tax Reference number here if you have one.

We will also need you to notify us if you have a business relationship with any other companies. This list must include the names and addresses for their Ultimate Holding Company and other associated companies.


We will ask you the name, date of birth and home postcode of all your Directors and/or Partners plus company secretaries and persons holding more than 20% of the paid-up share or loan capital of the company.


In the Business and Professional Standing section, we will ask you to declare any offences committed by your business (including managers, decision makers and those in control) and ask you for any policies you may have relating to bribery and corruption for example.


You must supply full annual accounts for the latest accounting period, which must be signed, dated and declared as a true representation. These include: profit & loss, balance sheet, director’s report, notes etc.

Please note: We are unable to accept accounts that are draft, abbreviated or modified.

Financial standing of a new business: As a new start up company you may not be able to provide the above accounts. However, you must comply with the criteria found in the New Firm Guidance Notes.


You must have current Public Liability insurance and if staff are employed, Employers Liability insurance. Consultants and contractors applying for design and build work categories must have current Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Material Suppliers need to have product Liability insurance. We will ask you to enter information from your certificate into the system and upload copies of your certificates.


Here you can tell us of any licence or accreditation you hold. This can be an ISO accreditation, health & safety accrediation or a Gas Safe certificate for example.

It’s important you tell us about everything you have, as buyers will use this information to select the most appropriate contractors for the job.


You need to provide a breakdown of staffing levels including management numbers. If you are a consultant you will be required to provide details of qualification gained for the disciplines you wish to be registered for.


You will need to select the categories of work you wish to register for.

We require you to provide at least two references for each work category you wish to be registered against. You can add more than one category to a reference. All references must be for contracts that have been completed within the last four years.

Visit our supplier resources page for full details of work categories and to download a reference form.


Here you can tell us where you would like to work. You can be as general or specific as you like down to a postcode level. You can also set a minimum contract value per area – you may wish to secure a larger contract before committing to travel longer distances.


All companies, regardless of their size, must provide evidence of having health and safety management systems in place. There are 3 routes for you to do this:

  1. If you have a valid SSIP health & safety accreditation (Acclaim Accreditation, CHAS, Safecontractor etc) or an OHSAS 18001 certificate from a UKAS accredited certification body, simply submit the information of the accreditation and attach a copy of your certificate.
  2. If you are a Constructionline Silver (level 2) member and do not have a valid SSIP health & safety accreditation, but you would like one, you can apply for our health & safety assessment, Acclaim Accreditation in the Health and Safety’ category of your profile – when you select this option you will be asked to complete a H&S assessment. Our assessors will check you meet the required standard and you will then be issued with a certificate. Please note: Gold (level 3) requires you have either a valid SSIP or an Acclaim Accreditation. An Acclaim Accreditation is included as standard in Platinum (level 4) membership.
  3. Alternatively, you can simply complete the H&S questionnaire which will display your answers to buyers searching the system. Each section needs to be completed – a current, signed and dated H&S policy statement must be provided as well. If you have less than five employees, you can answer the appropriate questions for your company and upload a copy of your policy statement.

Which information is compulsory for Gold (level 3) and Platinum (level 4) membership?


You must complete the question set to indicate that your company complies with the relevant legislation and if applicable attach a copy of a signed and dated policy document.


For the Environmental Management’ section, if you have a BS EN ISO 14001, a valid EMAS certificate, or a certificate from a UKAS accredited certification body you will be exempt from completing the question set – simply upload a copy of your accreditation.


You can either answer the quality standards questionnaire or provide details of a certificate from a UKAS accredited certification body


You can answer the Building Information Modelling question set or provide a 3rd party certificate of compliance with PAS11922 from an organisation with a related UKAS accreditation.


For the supplementary question section, you will be required to provide answers to Enhanced Health and Safety, compliance with Modern Slavery, and enhanced Quality Management.

For more details about the information we require from you, download our registration criteria (PDF)

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