May 2024 – Buyer

Exciting updates made to our platform interface released!

We are thrilled to announce some exciting UX updates to enhance your experience with our platform. These updates are designed to address common challenges faced by our buyer users and provide a more streamlined and efficient process. 

Let’s dive into the details of these updates and how they will help you overcome existing pain points.

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Supplier Profile: A Fresh New Look

Our latest update brings a revamped supplier profile interface, focusing on three key areas:

Supplier Profile Overview 

Gain a comprehensive insight into the supplier’s profile, including compliance levels, supply chain details, company size, number of employees, turnover, addresses, and a risk summary.

This high-level overview will empower you with valuable information at a glance, saving you time and effort.

New Permanent Header

When viewing a profile, you will now see a new header that remains visible while you view the profile. The new permanent header includes essential details such as company name, account ID, Companies House number, VAT number, and internal reference.

The addition of favouriting ability and membership icons for compliance status further enhances your ability to make informed decisions when engaging with suppliers.

Enhanced Profile Navigation

A new app menu on the left-hand side allows for quick and easy navigation to specific areas of a supplier’s profile. This intuitive feature is designed to save you time and simplify the process of accessing the information you need.

We will dig into each of these areas in more detail throughout this update. 

How the new supplier profile benefits you

These updates are not just about a fresh new look. They are specifically crafted to address the following pain points commonly experienced by our buyer users:

  • Time-Effective Decision Making: Easily access crucial supplier information at a glance, empowering you to make informed decisions efficiently.

  • Streamlined Navigation: Simplified navigation within supplier profiles saves you precious time and enhances your overall user experience.

  • Increased Insight: Gain deeper insights into supplier compliance, risk, and key details, enabling you to mitigate potential risks and make well-informed choices.

Issues Tab

If you have not used the “Issues Tab” before, it is a valuable area that provides you with detailed information on areas that require attention and how they’re addressing those issues.

Now, you can quickly and easily see issues linked to both the supplier’s memberships and private goals. This allows you to identify areas that may require attention easily. You can also view the details of any consult notices logged against a supplier.

Additionally, the “in for submission” status feature keeps you informed about the actions taken by suppliers, indicating when they are pending verification or approval. This transparency and clarity in the submission process are crucial for maintaining a smooth and accountable procurement workflow.


We have also introduced a new focused area on supplier compliance. Now, easily identify the verification level for each membership and dive deep into individual requirements to view verification, expiry dates, supplier answers, and historical responses.

We’ve also introduced “Focused” views to streamline information, separating Membership-specific compliance from buyer-specific compliance for clearer understanding.

These improvements aim to provide a more efficient and insightful compliance management experience, empowering our members to navigate requirements with confidence and ease.

Clear view on Work Categories

Work categories now have their own dedicated area, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all listed categories, including expiry dates and notation values. Two key areas that will be very useful for you:

  • Newly introduced quick filters to allow you to identify unverified work categories easily.
  • Our new “With Issues” feature will highlight unverified, expiring, or expired work categories for quick attention.

With this update, you can easily track and view a supplier’s work categories, ensuring compliance and accuracy in real-time.

Easily view your connections to a supplier

If you’d like to understand the segments or projects you or someone in your business has added a supplier to, as well as their compliance status, you can do so with the connections tab.

Gain quick visibility into compliance status enables you to manage your connections and ensure efficient compliance across projects.

Download our guide for tips on how to view and manage your supply chain partners.

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