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Acclaim Accreditation buyer FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Naturally you may have questions regarding Acclaim Accreditation and how it works, so we've put together an extensive list of answers, based on queries made by you, our buyers.

Don't forget you can also view our supplier FAQs or contact us if you still have questions.

What is SSIP and is it mandatory?

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) - is an umbrella body of 3rd party assessment schemes promoting a common standard Health & Safety Stage 1 assessment following ACOP Appendix 4. It is not mandatory as part of Constructionline. However, more and more buyers now require an accreditation from an approved SSIP scheme as part of their assessment criteria.

What is CDM 2015?

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations are intended to ensure that health and safety issues are properly considered during a project's development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced.

I thought Constructionline assessed health & safety previously?

No, Constructionline has always recognised various assessment schemes and recognises all SSIP members. For suppliers who were not members of an SSIP scheme, we collected their information within our appendices but we did not assess the information. For those not being assessed, this process will remain in place.

I have an in-house system, why should I adopt SSIP?

A valid accreditation from SSIP forum member schemes demonstrates that Suppliers have met Stage 1 of the Core Criteria negating the need for any further evidence at this stage. Constructionline accepts a health & safety accreditation certificate from any SSIP scheme in place our own health & safety questionnaire. Current SSIP members include; Acclaim, CHAS, Exor, SMAS, Altius VA, Eurosafe UK Ltd, BCSA, APS, B&ES , BSI and Safe Contractor. By recognising SSIP, you can be reassured that the assessment standards are endorsed by the HSE, and that all SSIP schemes have been independently audited.

I currently mandate <<insert 3rd party provider>> why should I adopt SSIP?

Why limit your choice of suppliers to a single scheme? As a buyer, adopting SSIP can help you access more suppliers assessed to the CDM 2015 and the SSIP core criteria. At present, there are nearly 8,000 Constructionline suppliers who have been assessed by one SSIP member or another - and as usual, access to the database is free to buyers.

Do you do on-site assessment?

Under Stage 1 no, however if this is important to you our health & safety partner, Capita Property & Infrastructure can provide this service.

How many suppliers do you have on your register?

Approximately 8,000 suppliers are approved SSIP Suppliers and can be identified on the Constructionline database.

What is the cost?

The fee for a supplier is tiered to the company's annual turnover. It is competitively priced with no hidden extras.

Is the assessment annual or bi-annual?

The assessments are carried out annually, in line with the requirements of SSIP.

How does the assessment work?

The desktop assessment is based on ACOP Appendix 4. This is carried out by our partner Capita Property & Infrastructure team of experienced health & safety assessors qualified to NEBOSH construction standard. Via Constructionline you can see all the suppliers' answers plus the auditor's comments.

Does the assessment have to be undertaken at the same time the supplier registers/renews with Constructionline?

No, however they do need to be a member of Constructionline before they can apply for a health & safety assessment from Acclaim Accreditation.

What does the HSE say about SSIP?

The HSE encourages clients to accept a valid accreditation from any of the SSIP forum member schemes. SSIP schemes provide a valid demonstration that suppliers have met Stage 1 of the Core Criteria. Buyers won't require any further evidence at this stage. The SSIP Assessment is a proportionate and cost effective option for an SME to meet its CDM responsibilities in the first stage procurement. A HSE document on SSIP can be found here.

Do health & safety regulations affect small contractors - less than 5 employees?

Yes, refer to HSE leaflet for firms ING259 with less than 5 employees - which you can download here.

Under what criteria/scopes are suppliers assessed?

The Acclaim question sets are drawn up in line with CDM 2015 and the SSIP core criteria and therefore reflect the four categories of the duty holder outlined therein:  Principal Contractor, Contractor, Principal Designer and Designer.  One extra question set is also available for those who undertake the duties of Design and Build.  All question sets are available in two versions; five or more employees and fewer than five employees.

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