Acclaim Accreditation question set

Acclaim Accreditation health and safety assessment is based on a question set relevant to the duty holder. There six question sets all of which are in line with the defined duties in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

The different types of duty holders are outlined below:

Duty Holder

CDM Description



Anyone who directly employs, engages construction workers or controls or manages construction work is a contractor for the purposes of these Regulations.

Most Constructionline members are contractors.


Principal contractors are usually the main or managing contractor. They are responsible for planning, managing and co-ordinating work during the construction phase.


Designers are those whose work involves them in preparing designs for construction work, including variations. This includes preparing drawings, design details, specifications, bills of quantities and the specification (or prohibition) of articles and substances, as well as the all the related analysis, calculations, and preparatory work. (This can be on paper, a computer or orally communicated).

Designers may include: architects, civil and structural engineers, building surveyors, building service designers, landscape architects, anyone who specifies or alters a design.

If your work is purely that of ‘design’ – this is the correct question set for you.

If you design and install then you will need the ‘Design and Build’ question set (see below for more information).


The Principal Designer has responsibility for the co-ordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase.


Examples of categories that may require both Contractor and Designer questions are set out in CDM (

  • Building service designers who also install (lifts, heating, ventilation and electrical systems).
  • Those purchasing materials where the choice has been left open and thus deciding weights.
  • Contractors carrying out design work as part of their contract.
  • Temporary works engineers, including formwork, falsework, scaffolding, sheet piling.
  • Interior designers who develop the design.
  • Heritage organisations who specify how work will be done.
  • Those who determine how buildings and structures are altered, e.g. during refurbishment.

This question set is for contractors who also undertake a design role. This can involve both ‘design and build’ work and work categories that involve both design and installation work (see also ‘Designer’ guidance above).

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