MyConstructionline connects your offices and workforce together in real-time, helping you to simplify your health and safety processes, reducing risk and keeping your team safe and compliant.

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On the move

Connecting your workforce together

An easy to use app technology platform to help you simplify your health and safety processes.

MyConstructionline is a real-time H&S software platform that delivers essential information to employees, sub-contractors and clients where and when they need it – to keep them safe and compliant.

On the move
Transforming business

Real-time information about your workforce

Understand instantly what’s happening in your business, on your sites and in your workforce…

Remove the paper chase and gain real-time insights to key events such as incident reporting and audits, instantly delivered to key members of your team.

transforming business

Why MyConstructionline?

  • Intelligently connects people, places & processes together.
  • Easy to use on your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Create jobs, RAMS, audits, training packs, safety cards and clock in/out sites.
  • Record near misses, accidents and site concerns easily.
  • Audits – check people have read and understood information by digital signing.
  • Manage all your staff and sub-contractors seamlessly.
  • Works on and offline – access information offline and upload when online.

Whatever your business needs. We’ve got what it takes.

Create a risk assessment, record an audit observation, report a safety concern, clock into a job and more – anywhere, anytime.

Constructionline status & alerts

Provides a handy and convenient way to view your key Constructionline and Constructionline Plus information. Daily updates provide alerts and calls-to action to help you better manage your Constructionline memberships.

  • Constructionline CardDisplays your current membership level and status information. Cards are colour coded based upon your membership level and provide on-the-spot and real-time reassurance to your clients of the status of your Constructionline membership. Latest status information provides prompts to help you manage your Constructionline membership.
  • OJEU AlertsReceive the latest OJEU tender notice alerts from your Constructionline Plus membership. Quickly view tender information to prompt earlier, quicker business planning and decision making.
  • Daily UpdatesDaily updates provide confidence that data is regularly updated and that you are viewing the latest information.
  • Works on and offlineAll information is available offline providing easy access to this key data whenever and wherever you are.
Risk Assessments

Easily build dynamic risk assessments in minutes.
MyConstructionline’s unique mobile app technology gives users notifications of the key risks.

  • Create documents on siteCreate RAMS documents and send to your team electronically using your own templates, or use one of ours to create exactly what you need.
  • Full version control historyTrack all changes of any documents, if multiple people are updating a document its full history is available at any time for audit purposes.
  • Works on and offlineWork on documents in your Wallet, the platform updates automatically when your device connects to a signal.
  • Digital acceptance logsOur check and confirm process allows businesses to have a full record of distribution and acceptance.
Near Miss / Accident Reporting

Record a range of issues onsite and easily identify problem sites and trends through powerful KPI reporting.
MyConstructionline makes it easy to keep on top of Health & Safety issues across multiple sites. Users can quickly report any concerns they have using the mobile app including the capturing of photos and location points making reporting an issue simpler than ever.

  • Near Miss ReportingWith the MyConstructionline mobile app, Near Miss reporting can be a much easier process. Increase your count of near-miss reports with site location information pre-filled based on the user’s location, creating real-time reports flowing into the main office for further investigation.
  • Accident ReportingEasily report accidents or instances of ill health straight away, using the MyConstructionline mobile app. Filling in and reporting an issue is a quick and straight-forward process – ensuring management teams are notified with a complete picture of the issue straight away.
  • Powerful ReportingEasily track and monitor different reports and the latest status for each incident you’re monitoring.
  • Full Version ControlAll reports feature full version control and history, so you can see at a glance who edited what and when.

Capture audit items and observations on the go with the mobile app.
MyConstructionline’s simple to use mobile app easily allows teams to complete audits on-site, while capturing data and image rich observations.

  • Record your Audits and Observations on the goWith the MyConstructionline mobile app, the time to record and complete observations with audits can be significantly reduced, making it easier for your team to capture accurate and detailed reports.
  • Track Audit ProgressWith real-time updates in the cloud management system, you can easily see the latest information for Audits in progress or recently completed.
  • Easily Capture ObservationsEach item in your audit can have an observation included with it - all backed up and available in the cloud management system.
  • Simple Document GenerationOnce you’ve completed your audit, an overview PDF is instantly created for you to share and distribute among your team.
Job management

Keep a collection of linked information for easy job management.
Jobs, risk assessments, documents, job photo’s, audits and more can all be linked on the MyConstructionline mobile app

  • Create Job PacksWith a click of a button, you can easily create a combined job pack and send it to your employees and contractors.
  • Distribute to your teamChoose individuals, a team or company to send information to.
  • Record job details and photosTake and upload pictures of the job before and after and directly send it to managers or clients.
  • Directly send RAMS and auditsWhen you have completed your RAMS and audits you can send them directly to clients, staff or contractors.
Lone working

Keep an eye on your vulnerable lone workers with integrated check ins.
Help protect your lone workers with the MyConstructionline mobile app. When clocking into a lone working job, users can easily check in at defined intervals, giving you peace of mind and the latest data for their location.

  • Check-In on the GoWith the MyConstructionline mobile app, lone workers can easily check in while on a job. With a handy count-down timer on their homescreen, they can easily see how long they have before needing to check-in.
  • Set Check-In IntervalsOnly going to be on site for a few minutes, or working in a particularly high risk environment? Easily set the check-in interval in the MyConstructionline portal, relevant for each job.
  • View Check-In HistoryIn the MyConstructionline portal, managers can easily see a record of each check-in a worker has made and their location, giving them full visibility on what’s happening.
  • Manager text alertsWorker not checked in on time? The MyConstructionline system will text and notify relevant managers that a worker is in potential danger.
Site & contractor management

Keep a collection of linked site and contractor information.
Everything in one place, making it easy to manage your workforce.

  • Easily link with other businessesConnect with other businesses, using the connect MyConstructionline button.
  • Manage your contractorsEasily manage contractors.
  • Manage your sites listSee all the sites in your dashboard.
  • Shared contact bookEasily share information and contact book.
Why we’re different

Connect MyConstructionline feature coming soon

The smart part of MyConstructionline enables businesses to connect their office staff, remote workers and contractors together ensuring the workforce supply chain is safety compliant.

Company and individual’s Wallets can be linked together sharing information, cutting down on the paper chasing and compliance headaches.

Your Business Your Business

MyConstructionline & Your Business

Real time view of your business, your sites and your jobs…

Simplify your H&S processes and give you the performance insights you need.

Your employees Your Employees

You & Your Employees

Connects and delivers information directly to your team…

Easy to use, read and feedback…
Making it easy to communicate and change safety behaviour…

Your contractors Your Contractors

You & Your Contractors

Open your wallet and allow your contractors to connect…

Allowing you to send jobs, audits, RAMS and site H&S information directly and confirm that they have been read.

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