Constructionline platform updates

In October 2016 we launched a new and improved Constructionline platform. We worked extensively with user experience professionals to optimise your experience of Constructionline, from signing up, to updating your profile and using our additional services, such as the Opportunities Notice Board (ONB).

This work led to the introduction of some fantastic new features and some enhancements to many parts of the system that you use every day.

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Your Constructionline profile

If you have a supplier membership with us, you’ll notice that your profile is now much easier to use.


When you log in, you will see a dashboard, which gives you a one-page overview of your profile.

The dashboard was designed to give you one-click access to the information that matters most to you, including the ability to:

  • Download your Constructionline certificate
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Access your profile builder, to allow you to quickly update or alter information
  • Go straight to your saved opportunity feeds from the Opportunities Notice Board.

We also brought our Silver (level 2) membership question set closer in line to PAS 91:2013 by making some sections optional.

Mandatory sections include:

  • Company details
  • Financial and insurance
  • Business and professional standing
  • Health and safety.

Optional sections include:

  • Equal opportunity and diversity
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management
  • Business Information Modelling (BIM).

The mandatory and optional sections are clearly differentiated. This gives you greater flexibility with regard to what you choose to fill out and when. To gain Silver (level 2) membership, all you need to do is fill out the mandatory questions and select at least one work category with two references, as without answers to these, we cannot verify your profile and your business will not appear in searches.

Amongst other things, Gold (level 3) and Platinum (level 4) membership include an enhanced PQQ question set which goes beyond the data collected by PAS91 to include Environmental Management, Quality Management and Equalities and Diversity. It also ensures you keep up with legislation on areas such as Modern Slavery, Anti bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities.


You can now quickly see which sections of your Constructionline profile need updating in order for you to achieve the level of Constructionline membership you have paid for, as these will be sign posted to you. This will help you keep your profile up to date and accurate and in turn as appealing as possible to other Constructionline members, including buying organisations.

If a piece of your profile information is out of date or missing, you will become Updates Required, meaning you will remain visible to other Constructionline members but may not be eligible for work. If you have paid for a Gold (level 3) or Platinum (level 4) membership but have not yet met the criteria, your profile will still show as verified for the level of membership criteria you do meet.


If your information does fall out of date, we changed the way we remind you to update it. Rather than regular emails and letters, which tell you that you need to update your profile, your company now receives a monthly statement, which outlines your data requirements.

These data requirements are split into 3 categories:

  • Past: The information that has run out on their profile
  • Present: The information that is close to expiring
  • Future: The information that will run out in the coming months.

If you have a buyer membership with us, you’ll notice that your Constructionline presence is very different indeed.


You now have a company profile, which is searchable by ALL other 45,000 Constructionline supplier members.

The profile gives you the opportunity to explain what you use Constructionline for e.g. supplier sourcing, supply chain management, randomised lists etc. and what you need from suppliers who want to work with you e.g.

  • Constructionline membership level
  • An SSIP scheme membership
  • Turnover
  • Offices in a certain location.

This helps you provide transparency on what potential suppliers need to do in order to win work with you, which in turn minimises the likelihood of suppliers who do not fit your criteria attempting to make contact.


When you log in, you will see a dashboard, which gives you a one-page overview of your profile. This allows you:

  • To see analytics on the supply chain that you are managing through Constructionline, allowing you to simplify your supply chain management and procurement processes:
    • Supplier membership level (Associate (level 1), Silver (level 2), Gold (level 3) or Platinum (level 4))
    • SME status (number of micro, small, medium and large businesses)
  • Access your profile builder, to allow you to quickly update or alter information.

This is now faster and more intuitive, meaning you have the right suppliers at your fingertips.


Constructionline works hard to create connections across the industry. To reflect this, we have opened up the Constructionline platform to create a greater sense of community and grow the number of opportunities available to all of our members.

All companies with a buyer membership and those companies with a Constructionline membership of either Silver (level 2), Gold (level 3) or Platinum (level 4) can now find each other and search each other’s profiles without constraint, meaning you can understand a company in more detail before you begin a working relationship.


If you use the Opportunities Notice Board (ONB) to advertise your work opportunities and contracts, you can now publish any opportunity on the Constructionline website as well as inside the Constructionline platform. This will not only help you provide an open and transparent procurement process, but it will also give you work opportunities greater visibility, increasing the likely number of supplier responses/expressions of interest.


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