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Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Constructionline has prepared this brochure to help you understand how the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 have impacted your stage one supplier assessment processes and how your membership with Constructionline can assist you at every step of the way.

Whether you’re a buyer or a supplier, we understand how important it is for you to adhere to the latest industry laws and legislation. That’s why our supplier assessment has been developed by central Government, in collaboration with leaders from the construction industry (including HSE, Equalities and Human Rights Commission and Constructing Excellence) to ensure you meet the right standards.

Constructionline standards are high – all of our suppliers are assessed to the current government and industry standards, including PAS 91:2013.

PAS 91 aligned assessment

As a part of the process to achieve Constructionline membership, all registering suppliers are required to undergo our bespoke assessment process that aligns to the latest industry and government standards including PAS 91:2013.

PAS 91:2013 is the industry recognised pre-qualification questionnaire, developed to reduce the need for contractors, consultants and material suppliers within the construction industry to complete a variety of different pre-qualification questionnaires for different, and in some cases, the same clients. PAS 91 addresses the duplication issue for buyers and suppliers alike by providing a standard set of pre-qualification questions. So suppliers can simply copy and paste their standard PAS 91 answers when tendering for clients that have adopted it.

For buyers

As a registered buyer with Constructionline, you’ll automatically adopt PAS 91:2013 within your procurement process and therefore simplify the assessment process for you and your suppliers.

With complete access to our register of over 45,000 contractors, consultants and material suppliers who have completed our PAS 91-aligned assessment to achieve membership, you’ll…

  1. Remove the need for your suppliers to duplicate their stage 1 pre-qualification information when applying for your contracts.
  2. Save considerable resource by removing the need for you to undertake the assessment of their stage 1 pre-qualification credentials.

For suppliers

As a registered supplier with Constructionline, you’ll prove to your clients that you have met the required standards to work with them. This is because you will have undergone our PAS 91 aligned assessment process to achieve membership. This mean that you’ll…

  1. Be able to simply copy and paste your standard set of responses to the ‘core’ questions when responding to any buyer that has adopted PAS 91.
  2. Understand what information will be required from you at pre-qualification stage, with one standard question set being used by a range different clients.
  3. Make considerable time and cost savings in the pre-qualification process, allowing you to participate in more opportunities and potentially win more work.

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