What is a pre-qualification questionnaire?

Simplifying your paperwork

As the UK’s most connected and progressive provider of procurement and supply chain management services, we’re committed to simplifying the assessment process for buyers and suppliers in the construction industry.

With this in mind, our solution has been developed to mitigate the need for contractors, consultants and material suppliers to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire every time they tender for a buyer’s contracts.

Pre-qualification questionnaires

Pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) are used to help public sector buyers/purchasers shortlist suppliers to invite to tender where a certain level of technical ability is required, and form part of the restricted tendering procedure.

PQQs enable purchasers to assess the organisation’s commercial, technical and financial competencies and determine whether they meet the minimum criteria of the contract. Within the construction industry, pre-qualification questionnaires have also been adopted by private sector construction companies as they provide an effective method of assessing sub-contractors’ competencies.

A typical pre-qualification questionnaire will request full company contact details, evidence of previous work and require answers based on the following topics:

Silver (level 2) membership gives you the minimum assessment for pre-qualification. Gold (level 3) and Platinum (level 4) membership includes, amongst other things, an extended PQQ covering Environmental Management, Equalities and Diversity, and Quality Management, as well as ensuring buyers keep up with legislation on areas such as Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities.



You’ll only need to complete our stage 1 assessment process once, then update the information as and when it expires.

Your information is held on our system and made instantly available to more than 10,000 procurement professionals from over 3,800 buying organisations, including central government bodies, local authorities, housing associations, universities, NHS trusts, main contractors and other private sector organisations.


We estimate that it takes roughly 4 hours to complete the stage 1 assessment process for an opportunity (at £50 per hour). On average, this can cost you up to £200 per tender.

So for 10 opportunities, we could save you as much as £2,000 by simply removing the need for you to undergo the pre-qualification process for each client.

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You’ll significantly reduce the administrative burden involved in your procurement and supplier management processes.

Constructionline collects, verifies and monitors your suppliers’ stage 1 pre-qualification information for you, including their insurances, financials, health and safety credentials and environmental policy. So you’ll save a considerable amount of resource that can be better spent in other areas.


We estimate that it costs roughly £300 to carry out the assessment of a single supplier at stage 1 of the pre-qualification process.

So for a supplier list of 500, we could save you as much as £150,000 by carrying out the stage 1 assessment for you.

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Learn more about PAS 91

Our supplier assessment is aligned to PAS 91:2013, the industry recognised PQQ. Click here to view our guidance.

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