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As a supplier, you’ll know that jumping through the same vetting hoops every time you tender is not a brilliant use of time and resources. And for buyers, sifting through pre-qualification data and keeping it up to date adds up to a similarly wasteful job. Constructionline helps both sides of the deal bypass these problems, saving everyone time, money and hassle in the process.

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Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation

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New Buyers


Main Contractor, Bouygues (UK) Ltd now uses Constructionline and is PAS 91 Compliant


Bouygues subsidiary, Leadbitter now uses Constructionline to source suppliers


Bouygues subsidiary, Denne Ltd now uses Constructionline to reduce PQQ duplication

Thomas Vale

Bouygues subsidiary, Thomas Vale now uses Constructionline to manage its supply chain

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council is now a Constructionline registered buyer

Housing Solutions Group

Housing Solutions Group has joined Constructionline to source contractors for its supply chain

Clark Contracts

Scotland based, Clark Contracts has joined Constructionline to reduce PQQ duplication

Major Housing Association

Major Housing Association is using Constructionline as a buyer

Metropolitan Care and Repair

Metropolitan Care and Repair now uses Constructionline to manage its supplier lists

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