Marketplace powers Elcom Projects’ new business pipeline

Our latest customer success story

Constructionline’s Marketplace is designed to make the tender and contract process easier for both suppliers and buyers.  As an existing member of Constructionline, Elcom, an electrical contracting company based in Essex, had previously secured work with large companies such as Bouygues Energies & Services.  It was looking to expand its pool of clients, which is when the business discovered Constructionline’s Marketplace app.


‘New Year’s resolution’

Nathan Deakin, Director at Elcom, explains that he and his business partner Larry O’Toole rejoined Constructionline as part of a push to find new clients.

“We were members of Constructionline previously because it was a necessary accreditation when we were looking to secure contracts,” Nathan said. “This year, we had a business New Year’s resolution to go out and see what was about in terms of new clients, so we rejoined.”

Nathan and Larry had previously been using the Government’s own Contracts Finder platform to look for new work, but found it difficult to work with. That’s when they discovered Marketplace.

“Before we were Googling and using the contracts finder but it was lengthy and hard to use sometimes.

“After signing up again, we realised Constructionline now had a new app as part of its membership offering, called Marketplace. We do a lot of higher risk work, so I was using keywords like ‘electrical lighting’ and ‘highways’ in our area, just to see what was available.”

Saved time and effort

Using Marketplace, Nathan and Larry discovered a tender for a large LED upgrade project in partnership with Lee Valley Authority. Originally posted on a third party website, Constructionline’s advanced API tool ensured this opportunity was pulled through to its Marketplace app.

“It definitely saved us time and effort,” Nathan explained. “We spent maybe an hour or two searching and then applied. We heard back in about a week.

“We were absolutely thrilled when the letter arrived awarding us the work. This was the first job we went for on Marketplace and I wasn’t certain we’d win it, as it’s quite a prestigious venue and a big job. When the letter came through I was like a little kid at Christmas. I thought, ‘Wow!’

“It really exceeded my expectations.”

Nathan also highlighted the platform’s user experience and ease of use as key benefits. 

“It’s so easy to use. It’s just a lot cleaner than Contracts Finder. When searching for something, you can then get it in a table format depending on your preferences, and you can also search for something and get the published projects at the top of the page. You can’t do that sort of thing with Contracts Finder.”


‘Money well spent’

Nathan explains that after successfully securing the Lee Valley project through Marketplace, both he and Larry intend on using it again in the future.

“The addition of Marketplace really enhances the value of our Constructionline membership,” he said.

Nathan also highlights the support they received from Constructionline during the process. “Constructionline is always good. Anytime we get stuck, we use the online chat and they’re always helpful. It’s a pleasure to work with them. 

“We feel Constructionline’s membership fee is money well spent.”

To find out more about the Constructionline Marketplace function, get in touch.


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