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Our Construction Risk Management tools makes it easy to protect your business from unnecessary supply chain risk in one platform

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Get full visibility of risks in advance

Are you tired of spending endless hours checking multiple platforms trying to find data you can trust is accurate and up-to-date?
Do you struggle to keep track of your construction supply chain’s compliance and sustainability standards?

Our powerful construction risk management tools, combined with accurate live data from multiple sources are here to simplify managing risk in your supply chain, all in one place.

Get full visibility of risks in advance

Why use Constructionline for your construction risk management


Reliable industry data

Get access to reliable, up-to-date market insight data in one construction risk management platform

Spot risks quickly

Quickly see issues within your supply chain and manage your supply chain risk

Save time

Reduce the need to check multiple platforms for construction supplier & project compliance, saving time and hassle

One place for data insights

Access data insights on financial, health and safety, contact details, environmental, and social values in one construction risk management platform

Risk visibility even for small companies

Reduce financial risk in construction projects with visibility of suppliers’ financial health, even for companies below the £10.2m turnover threshold

Stay informed of risks

Receive notifications of changes to your suppliers’ status

Construction Risk Management Tools

Risk Radar

Accurate insights to reduce reputational risk and supply chain risk management

  • Make unlimited lists for all your supply chains based on projects, locations, frameworks etc
  • Quickly see issues within your supply chain
  • Get a complete view of your supply chain’s financial risk, health & safety, verification and other vital data in order to minimise and enhance supply chain risk management


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Risk Checker

Check the risk of a supplier

  • Get an overview of a supplier’s risk even if they are not a Constructionline member
  • If a supplier is a Constructionline member, see their full profile
  • Also available for foreign listed businesses


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Risk Summary

An overview snapshot of a supplier’s risk

  • Percentage of time verified in the last 6 months
  • Current verified status of insurance, SSIP & financials
  • Financial standing
  • Financial Health Score over the last 12, 6 and 3 months
  • Any caution events such as HSE, Environment Agency, or Tribunal cases identified


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Construction Compliance Checker

Detailed Analytics and Reports on a range of compliance data on your supply chain

  • View your supply chain by Target Subscription Level
  • Verification status by Compliance Level
  • Easily see changes in verification status within your supply chain
  • Get detailed reports of your supply chain which you can filter by requirement, standard, verification expiration and more
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Maximise the power of your supply chain

Stop wasting time switching between multiple platforms and work smarter by having all the data you need in one place so you can prevent construction supply chain risks before they happen.

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What does 'AI Mined Public Data' mean?

We use AI to pull together publicly available sources of information along combined with the proprietary data within Constructionline, and match it to your supply chain, to give you, by exception, information on events within your supply chain. This can be used to report on your entire supply chain, divisions within your organisation, and categories within your supply chain e.g. Category 1 suppliers or for specific projects.

This covers:
1. Health and Safety: We use data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website and match it to data on your supply chain to identify any health and safety incidents within your supply chain.
2. Environmental: We use data from the Environment Agency website and match it to data that we have on your supply chain to identify any types of Environment Agency events you may have within your supply chain.
3. Insolvency: We use Gazette and Company Watch data to track insolvency events across your supply chain.
4. Employment/Judiciary Tribunal: We use data from linking to suppliers within your supply chain who have tribunal cases against them.

How often is the data updated?

The data is pulled through live, so the data shown is always the latest and most up-to-date data available.

Do I need to have a 'Buyer account' to get these tools?

Yes, you will need to be on one of our buyer plans to access our risk management tools. Contact our Buyers Success team or your Account Manager to upgrade or help you find the right plan for your business.

Do you show the Financial risk for companies that fall below the £10.2m threshold?

Yes, our Financial Risk data gives you a complete picture giving you verified financial data on more than 25,000 suppliers who fall below the Companies House threshold of £10.2m turnover. it also brings in data of over 220,000 suppliers’ full historic accounts from Companies House.


Streamline your supply chain process, reduce risk and find sub-contractors for your projects.

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