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A New Compliance Standard

With the introduction of the Building Safety Act (BSA) regulations, everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to demonstrate competence and compliance. With buyers and principal contractors seeking trusted project partners, you can now evidence your organisational competence upstream with Constructionline’s BSA Construction Assessments. 

Easily showcase your skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours with our Building Safety Act Assessments – one for standard construction projects and one for higher-risk buildings/trades. Available at no extra cost for our Constructionline Gold and Platinum members, our Building Safety Act Assessments ensure you’re aligned with BSA standards, such as BSI Flex 8670 v3 and showcase your BSA compliant status within the Construction industry. 

Building Safety Act- Constructionline

Quickly and Easily Demonstrate You Are BSA Compliant

Designed in collaboration with leading main contractors and members of the Joint Competence Initiative for The Building Envelopes Sector (JCI), our BSA Assessments have been built for the construction industry and allow you to quickly and easily demonstrate your credentials and showcase your BSA compliant status.

The new Building Safety Assessments allow you to provide information on key areas relating to the BSA and combine these with specific elements of industry-recognised standards, such as the Common Assessment Standard, Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), and elements of our Constructionline Gold and Social Value question sets.

The result? Less time and effort spent demonstrating your competence and compliance while boosting your chance to win more business

Our BSA Assessments cover two areas


Standard Construction BSA Assessment

Any business that works on Construction projects should complete the BSA Standard Construction Assessment; this question set is aligned with BSA standards, such as BSI Flex 8670 v3.

Higher-Risk Buildings BSA Assessment

If you work on higher-risk projects, then this Building Safety Act Assessment is for you. A high-risk building is classified as a structure with a minimum of 7 storeys or a height of at least 18 meters. It must also either be a hospital or care facility or contain a minimum of 2 residential units.

Hotels, prisons and military accommodation are not classed as higher-risk buildings.

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A Recognised Pathway for Contractors

Everyone in the supply chain has a duty to demonstrate competence and compliance with the Building Safety Act Regulations.

If you’re a contractor, the BSA Assessments provide a structured and recognised pathway to proportional compliance. Let buyers and principal contractors clearly see you’ve done your due diligence in meeting the legal and competency requirements for the Act and demonstrate your BSA Compliant status today.

Building Safety Act - Constructionline

Quickly and easily evidence your credentials upstream

Achieve the gold standard for Building Safety Act compliance

Stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage



What Do I Need to Do as a Supplier?

Constructionline Gold and Platinum Members 

The BSA assessment question sets are now available on the Constructionline platform for early access in the ‘Manage Compliance’ area. Demonstrate your business is BSA Compliant today with our BSA Assessments.

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Associate, Bronze and Silver Members

As the Building Safety Act Assessments use elements of the Constructionline Gold and Acclaim question set, you can turn the Act into Action and upgrade your account to access the new BSA Assessments to demonstrate your BSA Construction compliance today.

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Have you visited our Building Safety Act Resources page yet?

Our BSA resources page is a comprehensive hub for BSA construction guidance through webinars, whitepapers and blogs dedicated to understanding and navigating the complexities of the Building Safety Act regulations.

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Building Safety Act Assessments FAQs


What is the Building Safety Act?

The Building Safety Act 2022 stands as the primary legislative framework that legally establishes building safety standards throughout the design, construction, and occupation phases. While the Act’s practical implementation will depend on detailed regulations, often referred to as Statutory Instruments, these secondary legislations will provide specific guidance on its enforcement.

In July 2020, the Government introduced the Draft Building Safety Bill, aimed at advancing comprehensive reforms to the building safety system and addressing concerns identified by Dame Judith Hackitt DBE in her independent review, “Building a Safer Future.” 

The new regime under the BSA 2022 applies from and including 1 October 2023, and applies to both occupied buildings and those under construction. From and including 1 October 2023, new buildings that fall within the regime and are “completed” after this date must be registered before the building is occupied. 

As a construction supplier, what do I need to do?

Under the Building Safety Act, everyone throughout the construction supply chain is responsible for building safety. You have a duty of care to demonstrate your credentials to those managing a build and resolve any non-compliance issues.

It’s important to take action now. First, familiarise yourself with the Building Safety Act and its requirements, then start taking steps to demonstrate compliance and meet the high competency standards expected. This can be done by completing our BSA Assessments to begin to demonstrate you are BSA compliant to buyers.

Is my trade/work category exempt from the Building Safety Act?

Generally, most permanent or temporary buildings are included in the Building Safety Act. For a list of exclusions, please see schedules 2 and 3 on the legislation webpage here. 

If you are unsure if your business is affected by the Building Safety Act, then we advise taking a proactive approach. Get in touch with our experts to discuss further.

Do I have to upgrade to Gold or Platinum to meet BSA regulations & requirements?

Our Gold and Platinum Constructionline memberships are currently being aligned to meet the Building Safety Act’s demands. This membership level includes the BSA Assessments, which enable you to demonstrate your compliance. It’s all about making sure you’re at the right membership level. But with more and more buyers wanting total confidence in their supply chain, Gold or Platinum allows you to evidence you have the right credentials in place to fulfil building safety standards and demonstrate your BSA compliance.

If you’re already a Gold or Platinum member, be sure to keep your PQQ answers up-to-date too.

I already have “deemed to satisfy” SSIP, do I still need to complete Acclaim?

We highly recommend doing so. This is because the questions we ask for SSIP in Acclaim have been directly mapped into the BSI Flex 8670 v3 document. Due to SSIP being a threshold standard, it’s up to each of the schemes to create their own questions and the level of evidence required to pass. Therefore, we are not aware of the questions or level of evidence that other schemes may ask and whether their questions directly map into BSI Flex 8670 v3. In short, completing your SSIP through Acclaim you can be assured that this is met.

What is social value and why is it relevant to the Building Safety Act?

Before looking specifically at the Building Safety Act, it’s worth defining social value. The UK Green Building Council (UKBC) categorises social value under three broad themes: jobs and economic growth; health, wellbeing and the environment; and strength of community. Social value therefore could include things like providing green space or employment to underrepresented groups.

When it comes to the Building Safety Act, the main purpose of BSI Flex 8670 as a standard is to look at the behavioural aspects of an organisation – not just health and safety. Therefore, there are specifics within our social value question set that are necessary to meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act. These include providing information on net zero and EDI policies, as well as external schemes such as ‘Considerate Contractors’.

Why are there two BSA Assessments? Do I need to do both?

Developed with leading contractors and key industry partners, such as the Joint Competence Initiative for the Building Envelopes Sector, the BSA Assessments cover two key areas: standard construction and higher-risk buildings.

The Standard Construction Assessment needs to be completed if you work on any kind of construction project.

Meanwhile, because there are additional requirements for these types of buildings, the Higher-risk Buildings Assessment should be completed by those who wish to work on these kinds of projects.

How is a higher-risk building defined?

Buildings considered higher-risk in England are defined as those standing at a minimum height of 18 metres, consisting of at least 7 storeys, and containing a minimum of two residential units. This category includes hospitals, care homes, and student accommodation.

However, hotels, prisons, and military housing do not fall under the classification of higher-risk buildings.

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