Building Safety Act Radar:
Navigate supply chain and project risks

Our BSA Radar enables a one-click view of your supply chain’s compliance.

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What is our Building Safety Act (BSA) Radar?

Our BSA Radar is a powerful tool for assessing your supply chain and projects in line with the Building Safety Act’s demands.

Enable a one-click overview of your supply chain’s compliance with BSA Radar, focusing on specific areas of non-compliance that might have serious legal or reputational consequences. This saves you time and resources that would otherwise be spent individually checking each supplier.

It will show you which suppliers have responded yes or no to questions on our BSA Certifications, designed in line with BSA standards (BSI Flex 8670 v3).

Building Safety Act Radar

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The BSA Radar examines compliance closely and identifies if suppliers have any serious sanctions.

Building Safety Act - Constructionline

Accelerate decision-making with actionable insights

BSA Radar is available to all Constructionline buyer members with a paid account.

The Radar’s visualisations enable users to draw out insights in a way that is useful and relevant, so you can get empowered with real-time insights and facts about your project partners.

The result? You can make decisions fast and meet the legislative demands of the Building Safety Act.

  • Mitigate and manage non-compliance risks
  • Dynamic compliance monitoring tool
  • Demonstrate you’ve done your due diligence

Did you know?

The Building Safety Act Radar tracks 14 million data points.

What does the Building Safety Act Radar monitor?

  • Financials
  • Training information
  • Fire and structural safety policies
  • Infractions to be aware of
  • Insights into key organisational behaviours

Building Safety Act - Constructionline

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Easily showcase your skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours with our Building Safety Act Assessments – one for standard construction projects and one for higher-risk buildings/trades.

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