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Platform Status – Friday 15th Nov 13:30pm.

Overnight (14th November) Constructionline implemented a further change to the Web Portal with our third party to improve capacity and performance.  This change will remain in a monitoring state during the working day today (15th November).  Initial monitoring this morning has shown a positive improvement in the system.

Please note that users may receive a system unavailable (503) message still when the system is under peak load. If this message is received we request that you retry again after a short period of time.

We are continuing to monitor the platform and will provide details on future changes in due course.

Important messages & information

Updates to the Constructionline platform – Release 3.4 October 2019

We are continually improving the Constructionline platform. Here are some of the recent platform improvements we’ve made and how they can benefit your business.

  • Changes to the question set to accommodate the Build UK Common Assessment Standard. This new question set will be loaded for suppliers on all plans once a form is edited.
  • The introduction of a new filter that allows Buyers to search for Gold and Platinum members that meet the Common Assessment Standard
  • Changes to the status indicator to make it easier to identify businesses that meet the Common Assessment Standard
  • Changes to the sign-up page to indicate the levels that meet the new Common Assessment Standard
  • Plus many more improvements and fixes.

View the complete 3.4 release notes.

We regularly release updates, and we’re always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback on the Constructionline platform or run into any issues, please let us know in our Supplier User Group.

Looking for help with your Constructionline Profile?

If you would like help with the Constructionline platform please take a look at our new member guide. If you then have any queries please contact us.


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