Public Sector buying organisations

With over 2,500 Public Sector buying organisations using Constructionline, you have been the core of our business for over 20 years

Supporting Public Sector procurement construction

Constructionline is the most connected and progressive provider of public procurement and supply chain services in UK construction, supporting the sector for over 20 years.

We were originally born out of the Public Sector and have grown and developed with Public Sector construction values at heart. As compliance obligations with supply chain and ways of working have evolved, so have we. Today we work with thousands of buyers from the Public sector, helping them to succeed by managing the pre-qualification public procurement process and connecting them with a vast pool of validated suppliers.

Making the most of your resources

We do the prequalification checks for you, so you can quickly and confidently select construction partners that meet your needs. In using the Constructionline platform, you’ll simplify your search, validation and purchasing decision process, improving your efficiency.

We provide detailed information for all of our suppliers, so you can quickly identify those suppliers that meet the criteria most important to you. Using the Constructionline platform dramatically reduces the cost and time involved in maintaining supplier data in-house, freeing your public procurement teams up to focus on the most valuable parts of their role.

Sharp focus on compliance

We know how vital it is that you operate in a fair, compliant and defensible manner. That’s why we maintain such a strong focus on emerging standards and compliance, supporting you in adhering to latest regulations.

We constantly update and validate supplier accreditations so you can be sure that you are always working with auditable, real-time information. We conform to PAS 91 with an enhanced question set, giving you a full breadth of certifications to review and consider. This allows you to filter those suppliers that comply with new legislation as well as historical metrics, so you can have total confidence that your organisation is always acting responsibly when partnering with suppliers.

Supporting local economies has become an important focus in recent years, with public sector procurement targeted to source a third of all spend from SMEs by 2020. Tens of thousands of SME suppliers are registered as Constructionline members and are validated by our team. This means you can access suppliers local to your construction projects to support local communities, whilst remaining compliant. The platform is flexible enough to filter suppliers by size or postcode, enabling you to specify local suppliers where required.

What is SSIP?

Our health and safety specialists, Acclaim, are certified to assess and award SSIP Deemed to Satisfy, which is then shown on the Constructionline platform. This means you can search for SSIP adherence alongside PAS 91 criteria.

Learn more about SSIP

Easy to use

Ease of use is really important when looking for supply chain solutions – you need a platform that is intuitive to use and compatible with daily processes and software. We regularly upgrade our platform to include features specifically geared towards the Public Sector, in line with buyer feedback. Users can set their own standards and criteria for individual projects, producing a bespoke supplier list each time, tailored to specific project requirements. Enhanced analytics enable you to interrogate supplier lists easily, so you can quickly identify the information that you need, direct from the platform.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are growing in popularity and we’re proud to have been operating DPS arrangements for public sector organisations since 2015. A DPS operates in a similar fashion to an electronic framework agreement, with a couple of key differences. Suppliers can join the DPS, which is posted on OJEU, at any time during the period that it is open, and it runs as an entirely digital process.

Constructionline helps to speed up the process by managing the prequalification element on behalf of buyers. All suppliers that register their interest must be verified for compliance within a mandatory 10-day window, which we manage on your behalf.