Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS): information for buyers


The Constructionline DPS has been designed to meet the changing needs of today’s buyers. We understand that your time is precious and that cutting corners is never an option. Our online DPS platform can save you time and money, by ensuring that you only ever see applications from fully verified, approved and accredited suppliers.

How it works

With a Constructionline DPS, you get access to more than 45,000 PAS 91 compliant suppliers, without the ongoing burden of maintaining and refreshing your own database. We pre-qualify all suppliers for you within the mandatory 10-day window and their details are continually updated in real-time by our sector experts. Alongside this, we use our long-standing relationships with trade associations, the HSE, EHRC and Local Government Task Force to stay 100% up to date with industry standards and changing regulation. The result? Complete peace of mind and an online system that does exactly what you need it to.

Benefits for your business

Save time, save money

Using our platform helps you cut the time your team spend on procurement. Our standardised pre-qualification questionnaire is geared towards PAS 91, ensuring supplier assessment across core areas of risk including: financial and insurance information, health and safety, equal opportunities and diversity, environmental management, quality management and building information modelling.

Access suppliers of all sizes

If using more SME suppliers is an objective for your organisation, to help you cut costs, reduce risk or adhere to compliance obligations, a DPS could help you to achieve this. The increased flexibility of a DPS and the option of applying at any time during the open period gives smaller businesses more opportunity to compete for contracts and you more choice in the suppliers you use.

Information at your fingertips

When you use Constructionline to manage your DPS prequalification, you can be certain that the details you see are complete and up to date. We’re continually updating and improving our systems. Analytics, accessibility, search functionality and export capabilities have all been recently upgraded, making it easier to identify suppliers, analyse supply chains, contact your chosen suppliers and download their details whenever you need to