Facilities Management Memberships

Make finding and winning work easier than ever before.

Choose the right membership for you

We offer two different levels of supplier membership, allowing you to showcase your credentials to the Facilities Management buyers you already know and want to stay connected to, and those you would love to work for.

Bronze Membership

Typically right choice for most small to medium-sized businesses.

*Prices do not include VAT

Included in plan:

  • Work Categories/Trades (limited)
  • Identity
  • Health & Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Financials
  • Insurances
  • Marketplace (optional added benefit)

Already hold a valid SSIP?

Gold Membership

Offers businesses the option of expanding their buyer audience by adding extra verification modules.

*Prices do not include VAT

Included in plan:

  • Work Categories/Trades
  • Identity
  • Health & Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Financials
  • Insurances
  • Acclaim SSIP
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • Marketplace (optional added benefit)

All of our subcontractor memberships now include Marketplace

Empower your teams to source new work, manage supply chains and mitigate risk – all in one easy-to-use platform.

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What can Facilitiesline do for you?

We make it easy for you to showcase your credentials, optimise performance, and realise new opportunities.

We collect, verify and monitor your company information through a risk-based question set designed for Facilities Management, as well as offering a range of services and opportunities, designed to connect you to buyers, help you grow your business and assist you in your day-to-day activities.

New question set designed for Facilities Management

Our brand new, risk-based question set, has been designed to allow you to showcase your credentials to our buyers, allowing you to meet their bespoke criteria

Verified credentials and compliance

Our experts will verify your information allowing you to showcase to buyers that you’re ready to work on their projects. We will also alert you to any issues that could stop you from being considered for a job.

Long lasting relationships with key buyers

We’ll help you to demonstrate that your business can be trusted to deliver high-quality, compliant work so that you can start new relationships with buyers that turn into long-term partnerships.

Discover new opportunites

Gain access to Marketplace, allowing you to search and be alerted to thousands of new projects and opportunities across the UK, helping you to discover your next project and grow your business.

Support on hand from a team you can trust

With Facilitiesline part of the Fortius group that includes Altius, Constructionline and Builders Profile, our specialists have years of experience in FM and Construction and will be able to assist with any questions you have

All your memberships in one place, saving time and money

By adding Facilitiesline to your existing Constructionline membership, you can manage your FM, PAS 91 and SSIP date within one platform, with one renewal date saving you time and effort.

Demonstrating Social Value

We know you need to be able to demonstrate that you’re committed to providing social value when you’re bidding for contracts, so we make it easy for you to show prospective buyers exactly what you’re made of.

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Supporting Social Enterprises

We know that many of our buyers and suppliers are striving to work with more social enterprises, as they recognise that doing so is a great way to provide social value.

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Marketplace powers Elcom Projects’ new business pipeline

As an existing member of Constructionline, Elcom had previously secured work with large companies such as Bouygues Energies & Services.  It was looking to expand its pool of clients, which is when the business discovered Constructionline’s Marketplace app.

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Frequently asked questions

Naturally, you may have questions regarding Faciliteslines and how it will work with your Constructionline membership, so we’ve put together
an extensive list of answers, based on the queries our suppliers tend to ask.

What is Facilitiesline?

Facilitiesline is the UK’s only dedicated facilities management supply chain compliance partner, which means it’s designed to connect and support the unique needs of buyers and suppliers across the FM industry. Our Facilitiesline schemes are designed to make managing compliance easy so you don’t miss out on any work opportunities, either from your existing clients or where you’re looking to build new buyer relationships.

What's included within the Facilitiesline membership?

Information about what’s included within the Facilitiesline Bronze and Gold memberships can be found on our Facilities management membership page.

I already have a Facilitiesline membership, do I need be a Constructionline member too?

Yes, you can have both memberships at the same time.

Can I upgrade from a Bronze membership to a Gold membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership by logging into your Constructionline account, select the tab ‘Manage Account’, then select ‘Upgrade plan’. If you haven’t access to this, please contact your administrator.

If I add Bronze or Gold to my existing Constructionline membership, will I receive a new renewal date?

Yes, you will be asked extra questions that relate to Facilitiesline but this means you will have one renewal date for both memberships.

No, your Bronze or Gold membership will be added to your existing Constructionline membership and we will pro-rata the cost until the end of your Constructionline membership and will be added as part of your renewal.

Will I need to complete additional questions to become verified?

Yes, when upgrading to the Gold membership there are additional questions that need to be answered within the question set.

Is there a cost to upgrade to a Gold membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership by logging into your Constructionline account, select the tab ‘Manage Account’. This will also show you the cost involved to upgrade your membership.

Find the right level for you

If you’re unsure which membership level you require, please complete the form and one of our experts will contact you shortly

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Facilitiesline's exclusive health and safety assessment.

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Knowledge Base

If you’re already a member of Facilitiesline, we have a wealth of guides and videos to provide an in-depth walkthrough of the platform, allowing you to manage your PPQ and SSIP data like never before.

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Logo Download

Showing the Facilitiesline logo tells potential Buyers that you’ve been verified and fit the specific requirements they look for in a supplier.

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