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Laying the foundations for a safer future, the Building Safety Act (BSA) is set to make meaningful, long-lasting change.

As a leading construction company, you want to drive positive action, and ensure your vision for building safety is reflected throughout your supply chain.

Take control of Building Safety Act compliance with Constructionline.

Building Safety Act - Constructionline

Build a Safer Future

Building Safety Act - Constructionline

Bridge regulatory expectations
and industry practice

Building Safety Act

Quickly and easily review and
evidence your credentials

Building Safety Act

Manage and
mitigate risks

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With Constructionline, you can take your procurement process and management to the next level.

Building Safety Act

Building Safety Act Assessments

Offered to our Gold and Platinum members at no additional cost, our BSA Assessments set a new compliance standard, aligned with the aims of the Building Safety Act.

Leveraging answers from existing question sets – including the Common Assessment Standard, Acclaim’s SSIP and the Social Value Scheme – showcase your capabilities for general construction work and higher-risk buildings/trades.

Building Safety Act Radar

Tracking 14 million data points, BSA Radar provides a close-up analysis of suppliers and projects against the demands of the Building Safety Act.

Quickly identify any reasons for non-compliance, so you can coordinate with your suppliers to make improvements, while being instantly alerted to any areas that may pose greater legal or reputational risks.

BSA Radar - Constructionline



What Other Tools Does Constructionline Offer?

Projects feature

Coming soon, our Projects feature helps main contractors monitor and manage the entire supply chain for a project. With all documentation in one place, you can quickly determine if any parties pose any potential risks.


Risk Radar

With over 32 billion data points available, Risk Radar delivers unrivalled insight into the financial health of subcontractors and suppliers to help identify and mitigate any supply chain risks.

Building Safety Act

Building Safety Act - Constructionline

Buyer-added services

From custom fields on a suppliers’ profile, so you can search and filter them how you want, to adding private notes to a suppliers’ profile, for consistent messaging with internal teams, our buyer-added services can help. You can even upload internal documents such as emails, credit scores or professional indemnity forms to a supplier’s profile, too.


Power of our network

If necessary, the power of our network lets you easily source new project partners that better meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act.

Have you visited our Building Safety Act Resources page yet?

Our BSA resources page is a comprehensive hub for webinars, whitepapers and blogs dedicated to understanding and navigating the complexities of the Building Safety Act.

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