About Constructionline

Originally created as a Government department, for over 20 years we have been supporting thousands of businesses across the public and private sectors.

Connecting buyers and suppliers

We’ve been working with construction buyers and suppliers for 20 years – we work closely with our partners and have a deep understanding of buyers’ needs. At Constructionline, we pride ourselves on opening up opportunities for members to access a wide range of procurement contracts and projects – and for buyers to access a validated pool of high quality suppliers.

Compliance is at the heart of what we do. Whether it’s getting to grips with new standards and requirements or updating our systems to enable buyers to search on a wider range of criteria, our longstanding experts keep ahead of changing regulation – and so does our platform.

Not only do we work to enhanced PAS 91 criteria, we can also validate suppliers as ‘Deemed to satisfy’ for SSIP via our health and safety specialists at Acclaim . In using the Constructionline platform, buyers can expect to simplify and speed up their search, validation and purchasing decision processes considerably, improving resource and cost efficiency.

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Supporting local economies

The construction sector has an important role to play in supporting local economies, and many organisations have a desire to work with local suppliers to support the communities in which they operate. We conduct verification checks for all the suppliers on our platform, so procurement teams can be sure that they are working with approved and accredited partners. In turn, local suppliers have access to a much broader range of projects in their area via the Constructionline platform.

Our Mission

To help our members simplify procurement tasks, reduce risk, keep pace with legislation and achieve much more.

Our Vision

To build value from beginning to end in the supply chain and procurement cycle.

Our Relationships

Relationships are core to delivering an excellent service. We work closely with our buyers, suppliers and partners to maximise the value they get from working with Constructionline. From networking events to consulting on platform improvements, our relationships are key.

PAS 91

PAS 91

PAS 91 is a standardised prequalification questionnaire, designed to reduce the need for suppliers to complete a variety of different documents for different clients, simplifying the process for suppliers. Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the question set is the common minimum standard for construction procurement.

At Constructionline we work to the PAS 91 enhanced questionnaire. We’ll help guide suppliers through the questionnaire set and manage the validation process. Once completed, we’ll update our platform to show that the supplier is fit-to-supply. They will appear as ‘validated’ on all buyer searches and will only have to complete the questionnaire once.

Common assessment standard

Common Assessment Standard

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Build UK to deliver its Common Assessment Standard. After working with Build UK to deliver the industry standard pre-qualification initiative we are now able to offer the standard for recognised assessment companies to start supporting. The Common Assessment Standard is aligned to our Constructionline Gold and Platinum memberships enabling easy transition.

<h2>SSIP validation</h2>

SSIP validation

Ensuring that suppliers operate to appropriate health and safety standards is crucial within the construction sector. Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) certification demonstrates that a company has demonstrated its adherence to the required safety standards, giving buyers peace of mind that they are working with an organisation that looks after the welfare of its workforce.

Because it’s such an important factor, our health and safety experts at Acclaim are approved SSIP partners. They are qualified to assess and validate ‘Deemed to satisfy’ certificates on behalf of SSIP, opening up opportunities for suppliers, and providing a clear audit trail for safety for our buying partners. To make things even simpler, we validate for SSIP as standard for all of our Gold members.

Regional Events

Throughout the year we hold Meet the Buyer events and Supplier Engagement Days to help Buyer and Suppliers discuss work opportunities face-to-face.

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Constructionline Membership

We are proud to provide you with four levels of Constructionline membership designed to accommodate the broadening needs of both Suppliers and Buyers.

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Public Sector

See why over 2,500 Public Sector buying organisations using Constructionline

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