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Easily invite all your subcontractors

Our invite supplier app makes it easy for you to onboard all your subcontractors onto one platform. For your subcontractors, this helps reduce duplication of time, effort, and cost of filling out multiple versions of PPQs and gives you full visibility and stay up-to-date with their supply chain’s compliance and sustainability standards.

Just fill in their details and our system will send all the information they need to get started, making it easier than ever to manage your supply chain, giving you transparency and peace of mind that your supply chain is compliant.

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Follow-up support from our experts

Our dedicated onboarding experts will follow up with your invited subcontractors and support them through any concerns or issues they have, to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible.

We will be on hand to support every step of the way.

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Analytics dashboard

In the analytics dashboard, you can keep track of the progress of your subcontractors’ onboarding onto the platform. You’ll be able to see their progress and reach out to those who are still required to join the platform.

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Streamline your supply chain process, reduce risk and find sub-contractors for your projects.

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Can you tell me how many suppliers on my existing supplier list are registered?

Yes we can. If you email your list of suppliers to your Constructionline contact, they will run a check against our database of registered suppliers and let you know how many are registered.

How would you get my existing supplier list registered on Constructionline?

Once we have identified those suppliers that are not registered we will contact each organisation, explain you are now using Constructionline and suggest they should consider registering. Enclosed with the letters will be an application pack explaining to the supplier how Constructionline works, the benefits of being registered and the application form. With your agreement, we would be happy to carry out follow-up campaigns to help more suppliers register.

Do I need to ask suppliers for any of the information already held on Constructionline?

No! The primary purpose of Constructionline is to reduce the amount of duplication in the supplier assessment process, not just for suppliers who have to repeatedly complete the same questionnaires, but also for yourselves who have to collect and assess this information over and over again. Constructionline is a central source where you can check all standard information without any hassle.

When you register with Constructionline you sign a brief set of terms and conditions agreeing to remove all duplication from your procurement process. In some cases, you may need to request project-specific information not held on Constructionline but you should not request duplicate data.

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