One-Off Assessment service

As a part of our mission to make your life easier, we handle the procurement process assessment work to stage one for you.


As a registered buyer, you have already saved your organisation countless time and money in the assessment process when collecting responses from Constructionline supplier members. By accepting a Constructionline registration number as proof of their competency, you can rest assured that a supplier has undergone our PAS 91-aligned assessment to achieve membership.

However, for any responses you receive for your work opportunities from suppliers that aren’t Constructionline registered, our team of assessors will now handle the hard work for you! Constructionline has provided services to the Department of Health P22, Education Funding Agency, The British Museum, FCO Services, and many other Public Sector organizations.

Constructionline Service offering

Project Management engagement

Constructionline representatives would engage and liaise with the Buyer appointed construction project management/advisors throughout the process. This would probably involve conference calls and face to face meetings.

SQ Question Set

Use of Constructionline PAS 91 aligned question set as SQ. Constructionline bidders enter their membership number which exempts them from the relevant SQ questions, so they can proceed to the technical section. Non-Constructionline members complete the whole SQ.

  • Usually, the overwhelming majority of bidders (95%) are already Constructionline members
  • Resource savings for the Buyer and your bidders – assists in reducing procurement timescales and reduces coPIN Notice/Contract Notice.

PIN/Contract Notice

See attachment. These words would include named Constructionline representatives, and can be tailored as required.

Market Engagement/Supplier Days

Constructionline are able to advertise and facilitate your events, including PR for the event, attendee administration, reception and co-hosting on the day. The Buyer would provide the venue.

Assessment Services

Constructionline are able to assess bidders at stage 1 (non-technical PAS 91 sections) for both Constructionline members and non-Constructionline members. Constructionline would produce a full report with a pass/fail result – please see example attachment.

Constructionline Account Management

Experienced Constructionline Key Account Managers would be available to offer dedicated support throughout the process.

Constructionline Fee Structure (all prices exclude VAT)

Use of Constructionline PAS 91 aligned question set as SQ

checked iconIncluded

Assessment services

A stage 1 assessment to Constructionline standards using a PAS 91 compliant PQQ for all responders:

One-off assessment for a supplier not registered with Constructionline – Silver (C1-C4)


One-off assessment for a supplier not registered with Constructionline – Gold (C1-C4 & O1-O4)


Checks for suppliers already registered on Constructionline – Silver (C1-C4)


Checks for suppliers already registered at Gold on Constructionline – Gold (C1-C4 & O1-O4)


Checks for suppliers already registered at Silver to Gold standard – (O1-O4)


Checks for suppliers already registered at Silver to Gold standard – (O1-O4)


Accounts & Notations


Accounts Only


Please note, there is a minimum charge of £1,000.

Constructionline account management

• Access to Constructionline Key Account Management throughout the process

• Engagement and liaison with the Buyer appointed project management/technical advisors


The information we provide you

Once we’ve completed the assessment, our team will provide you with a report indicating whether each supplier has passed or failed the assessment process. At your request, we’ll also provide you with a more details regarding reasons why a supplier may have failed the assessment.

Please note: We won’t award the contract to a supplier for you; it’ll still be up to you to choose who you want to work with.

Are you interested?

If you would like to discuss the One-Off Assessment Service can benefit your business. simply get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you require.

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