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How can BidWork's bid management tool help you manage & respond to tenders?

For main contractors and buyers

Constructionline’s tender management software, Bidwork, streamlines the tender process by utilising it’s unique X-ray feature to scan all documents for efficient element identification and assignment, while facilitating seamless communication with your supply chain. With quick extraction of relevant bid elements and effortless document comparison, Bidwork’s bid management tool systems help to ensure that you get all prices back before the tender deadline.

BidWork Tender Management

BidWork Tender Management

For subcontractors and suppliers

BidWork, our tender management software offers cloud storage for all tender documents whilst helping you easily manage ongoing projects with dashboards that show the stage of each enquiry. Also easily track change with the inbuilt addendum bid management tool feature.

Bidwork's key features include

Accelerate Tendering with our AI-Powered X-ray Tool

  • Use our tender management tool’s X-ray feature for AI-driven extraction of scope items from tender packs.
  • Speed up tendering with our X-ray search, helping to search through any format of document to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Easily Identify tender irregularities early for swift resolution and efficient query management.
  • Ensure comprehensive coverage and minimise risk profiles with Bidwork software’s X-ray feature.

Send out Smart Enquires to the market

  • Utilise our tender management tools Smart-enquiries for targeted market engagement.
  • Experience advanced functionality beyond standard enquiry tools.
  • Track all activity in real time and easily chase up responses with inbuilt messaging functionality.

AI powered comparisons to instantly compare any document and easily identify changes

  • Auto-compare all document changes in bulk.
  • Efficiently overlay drawings in a single viewer for individual comparison.
  • Share comparisons with your supply chain through BidWorks Smart-Enquiries tool to improve response times.

Unlocking Success with BidWork: Conomar’s Testimonial

See how Conomar use BidWork’s tender management software solutions to become more competitive and optimise their supply chain

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Frequently asked questions

Does this Tender Management Software use industry standards?

Yes. X-ray functionality works for all items structured under SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4, RMM2, HIGHWAYS WORKS. 

Is Tender Management the same as BidWork?

Yes, Tender Management is the new name for BidWork since the latter company joined the Once For All group. It is still the same product.

How many customers use Tender Management today?

Around 10,000 companies already use this feature to bring more speed, accuracy and automation to their tender process. 

Do sub-contractors have to register with Tender Management to use it?

No. If a Contractor sends you tender information via Tender Management you do not need to be a Tender Management customer already or even register for the tool. It is quick and easy to just respond and action on the tender.  

Does Tender Management replace my existing solutions?

BidWork replaces your existing tendering tools for some processes, but you would still adjudicate and award within another system like Causeway, Conquest or Procore (via API link) which BidWork can integrate with. 

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