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Below we have onboarding videos and a selection of FAQ’s to get you up to speed. Alternatively, we have a team on hand who can provide expert support to help you get the most from Marketplace.

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Find and Track

Marketplace’s Find and Track apps enable you to find new business in minutes, receive exclusive opportunities directly from buyers, based on your profile, and track ‘expression of interest’ invitations.

Watch our demo on how you can get the most out of Marketplace Find and Track. 

Search and save

Making your first search? Our video will walk you through the steps and will introduce you to the ‘My Filters’ feature, allowing you to save the most common searches you make within Marketplace Find. Once you have created a filter, you can also turn on notifications, so that you will never miss an opportunity you’re interested in.


Narrow your searches

Using the right keyword options within Marketplace Find will allow you to fine-tune your searches to find the opportunities most relevant to the work your business carries out. Would you like to only see results for a specific work category? Or within a specific location? View our quick video to see how you can master Marketplace Find.


Planning vs Public

Within Marketplace Find, you can use the powerful search filters to narrow down your search results when searching for planning applications and public tenders. Get to know the differences between these two types of opportunities, and learn how you can get the most out of your search by using specific keywords.

Creating work packages

Marketplace allows you to search for the right suppliers according to your supply chain needs by creating new work packages. Making sure your work packages contain the necessary information, ensures that suppliers fully understand what you are looking for.


Creating projects

By using Marketplace you can create your project quickly and easily, and publish it to the largest network of construction experts in the UK, ensuring you’ve built an open and competitive tendering procedure.



Targeting Suppliers and Publishing your Project

You can invite suppliers to ‘express an interest’ in your published project, if their criteria match those in your work packages, so you can manage your supply chain efficiently and effectively.


Managing your supply chain

This video will go through how to view and manage your supply chain whilst showing you how to set a Compliance policy, as this will allow you to easily monitor your supply chain against the information you’re providing within your published projects and work categories.


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Frequently asked questions

How does Marketplace work?

You’ll be able to easily search and set up alerts for: 

  • New planning applications from over 400 UK planning authorities 
  • Find-a-tender public procurement notices 
  • Contracts Finder high-value contracts (usually above £118k) 
  • OJEU/TED with over 170 thousand procurement notices each year 

And coming in Q1 2022, receive notifications of unique opportunities from Constructionline buyers looking for your skillset to help them win new business and deliver current projects. 

Can any department in my organisation use Marketplace?

Anyone associated with winning work or finding work opportunities will find the Marketplace application useful

How often is Marketplace updated? And will I be notified when an new opportunity has been added?

We search for new opportunities on a daily basis and post them as soon as they become available. You’ll be able to create multiple searches using differing criteria and save them. Toggling ‘notifications’ will allow you to be notified when we find new opportunities that meet those criteria so you never miss a new opportunity. This functionality won’t be available at the start of the Early Adopter program, but we are looking to add this in the next few weeks.

How do I go back and quickly find opportunities I found earlier?

‘Favouriting’ an opportunity places it into your ‘My Favourites’ which is always located on the top right-hand side of Marketplace. You can favourite an opportunity by clicking the star on the right-hand side of the results page, or by clicking ‘Add to favourites’ from the detail page.

Where does your data come from?

We take data feeds directly from the source to make sure they are as accurate and up to date as possible. For ‘Planning’ that includes over 400 UK planning authorities. For ‘Public’ we gather from OJEU/TED, Contract Finder and Find a Tender.

What is a CPV code?

CPV Code is The common procurement vocabulary (CPV) establishes a single classification system for public procurement aimed at standardising the references used by contracting authorities and entities to describe procurement contracts.

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What are the advanced search filters?

You can keep your searches as broad as you like by using simple keywords and using AND and OR to expand or reduce the results. If you want to tune your searches to make them more relevant to your business you can filter on

  • CPV codes
  • Exclude keywords to remove search results that contain them
  • Include a published date or a deadline date
  • Include a location with or without a radius added
  • Include/exclude based on the minimum and/or maximum value
Can I see the status of an opportunity?

Yes, we include the status of the opportunity where it is presented to us by the original source. These include ‘Notice’, ‘Award’

How can I give a colleague access to Marketplace?

Please get in touch with your account administrator to add additional profiles to your account

Can I share opportunities with people in my business?

If the user has an account on the platform and has access to the Marketplace app, you can copy and paste the URL and pass it to your colleague. We are looking at future development to enable on-platform sharing of opportunities

Can I contact the person responsible for the opportunity directly?

Yes, you can see their details in the search result detail page and click through to the 3rd party portal providing the data.

Can I see opportunities from Buyers in my network?

We’re adding the ability for any buyer to target any supplier on the Constructionline platform with details of projects those suppliers may be interested in.  This functionality will be delivered in Q2 2022

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