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We are proud to introduce two new levels of Constructionline accreditation, Gold (level 3) membership and Platinum (level 4) membership, designed to accommodate the broadening needs of both suppliers and buyers in a one stop shop for Third Party Governance & Risk Management.

The familiar Constructionline offer is now renamed Silver (level 2) membership and our free trial offering will now be called Associate (level 1) membership.

Supplier details in the PAS 91 Mandatory (C1-C4) sections are verified, using real-time dynamic data. Optional sections (O1-4) can be completed to enhance your profile, but are not verified.

Silver (level 2) membership

All the benefits of Silver membership, plus an extended verified PQQ (covering Environmental Management, Equalities and Diversity, and Quality Management, and ensuring legislative compliance). Suppliers possess a valid SSIP certificate.

Gold (level 3) membership

All the benefits of Gold membership, plus a structured 1-day on-premise audit and assessment, delivered by a team of world class Health and Safety auditors to demonstrate your compliance with current legislation.

Platinum (level 4) membership

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