Knowledge base for buyers

The user guides and videos below will give you an in-depth walkthrough of the new Constructionline platform, allowing you to manage your supply chain like never before.

  • Find and View Suppliers

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    Search and view supplier profiles

    In this video, we go into detail the different ways you can search for a supplier using our new and improved filter functionality. We will also show you how you can view the other areas of a particular suppliers account, such as their current target level and verification status.

  • Managing your supply chain

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    Managing your supply chain

    This video will go through how to view and manage your supply chain whilst showing you how to set a Compliance policy, as this will allow you to monitor your supply chain against the Constructionline level you require suppliers to achieve.

  • Administrator Functionality

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    Admin User Overview

    This video shows how to use your account from an administrative point of view, showing how to create and manage other admin users and how you can give your admin users certain permissions to different areas of your account.

  • How to use Analytics

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    Analytics Overview

    In this video, we explore what the Analytics app can offer your business from seeing who’s verified on your supply chain to more in-depth analytics such as health and safety events for a particular business.

  • Standard Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics

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    Advanced Analytics

    This video explains the more advanced side of the Analytics app. We cover the ‘Al Mined Public data’, ‘Financial health’ tabs, and how our ‘Risk Radar’ is a great way to view how your Project/Building may be at risk, depending on a Supplier’s financial situation.

  • Complete Buyer Overview

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    Complete Buyer overview

    This video will review all the functions available to you as a Buyer on our platform. It will give a brief overview of the functions throughout the different apps such as how to search and view a supplier’s profile, how to manage your supply chain, and how to filter through Analytics.

  • New Issues Tab

    New Issues Tab

    In this video, we show you how you can easily view the issues in your supply chain when viewing a suppliers profile.

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