Construction Supply Chain Management

Easily manage your entire supply chain with our construction supply chain management solutions. Our platform centralises all aspects of construction supply chain management, providing a seamless experience. Streamline workflows, manage construction suppliers and ensure compliance all from one construction supply chain management tool.

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Your one-stop shop for reliable data

Our construction supply chain management app is the perfect solution for those who need full visibility and stay up-to-date with their supply chain’s compliance and sustainability standards.

Our construction supply chain management app includes financial, health and safety, contact details, environmental, and social values in one place. Making it easier than ever to manage your construction supply chain, giving you transparency and peace of mind that your supply chain is compliant.

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Keep all your supply chain lists in one place

Create segments for each of your supply chains based on the criteria you need for your business. Whether you want to create lists based on location, work package, framework, building, or your bespoke segment, our tools allow you to configure your supply chain to your requirements.

Our easy-to-navigate dashboard makes it easy for you to add your suppliers to your lists and assist with your construction supply chain management all in one place.

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Spot compliance issues in advance

With our construction supply chain management app, you can quickly spot any issues within your supply chain and take action to resolve them before they become a problem.

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Streamline your supply chain process, reduce risk and find sub-contractors for your projects.

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How many contractors and consultants are registered on Constructionline?

Over 50,000 suppliers are registered with Constructionline and over 93% of verified suppliers renew their membership each year.

Do I need to ask suppliers for any of the information already held on Constructionline?

No! The primary purpose of Constructionline is to reduce the amount of duplication in the supplier assessment process, not just for suppliers who have to repeatedly complete the same questionnaires, but also for yourselves who have to collect and assess this information over and over again. Constructionline is a central source where you can check all standard information without any hassle.

When you register with Constructionline you sign a brief set of terms and conditions agreeing to remove all duplication from your procurement process. In some cases, you may need to request project-specific information not held on Constructionline but you should not request duplicate data

How often do you update the information held on registered suppliers?

The information on Constructionline is continually being updated on the anniversary of its expiry date. Unlike self-certification services the database is maintained by our experienced registrations team and we write out to our suppliers as and when their information is due to expire. If a supplier fails to provide us with up to date information, after a series of reminders, they will be put onto consult status and this will be visible to you as you search the database.

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