How subcontractors can get aligned with the Building Safety Act in 5 easy steps

How subcontractors can get aligned with the Building Safety Act in 5 easy steps

The Building Safety Act (BSA) legislation is now in force, and is the most significant change in building regulation in the UK since 1984. In this blog, we’ll outline the five steps you can take to show you’re taking it seriously.

The BSA ushers in crucial new requirements. For those currently supplying services to the sector, it means your buyers will now be scrutinising compliance and competence throughout their supply chain – and, as a result, you must be well prepared.

But how can you bridge regulatory expectations with industry practice? And how can you follow BSI Flex 8670 V3 – a standard which sets out core criteria for building safety competence frameworks, and to which the BSA is aligned?

Luckily, there are proactive measures you can take right now to make sure you’re prepared and in the best position to win more business.


Why you need to turn the Act into Action

The Building Safety Act is now law in the United Kingdom. A pivotal moment for the industry, the Act raises the bar for construction safety by addressing critical issues in competency, accountability, and more. It introduces rigorous standards aimed at ensuring buildings are designed, constructed, and managed in a way that prioritises safety, minimises risks and holds the entire supply chain to account at every level and step of the way.

As a result, buyers are now actively seeking suppliers who demonstrate compliance and the high competency standards demanded by the Act. They’ll be closely monitoring their supply chains to identify non-compliance. This means businesses that haven’t adapted will risk, at best, falling behind their competitors and, at worst, simply being excluded from projects.


5 steps to showcase your Building Safety Act credentials


Step one: Go for the gold standard

Making sure you’re a Constructionline Gold or Platinum member is your first step.

After a thorough review and gap analysis of BSI Flex 8670 v3, our Gold and Platinum memberships were identified as having questions which already mapped directly into BSI Flex 8670 v3, which means you are already part way to turning the Act into Action.


Step two: Complete our SSIP scheme Acclaim questions

Acclaim is the go-to for SSIP certification. The questions used in Acclaim are developed by Constructionline and aligned with the BSI Flex 8670 V3 document. As each SSIP provider sets its own criteria, we cannot guarantee that other SSIP schemes have been directly mapped into BSI Flex 8670 V3 in this way or what evidence is required to pass. So be sure to complete Acclaim even if you already have a Deemed To Satisfy SSIP.

Additionally, Acclaim is the simplest way to complete your SSIP certification. It’s simple, credible and transparent – and your application is processed in just two business days. 


Step three: Fill in our Social Value question set

The Building Safety Act isn’t just about health and safety. The main purpose of BSI 8670 – is to look at the behavioural aspects of an organisation. Therefore, there are specific questions within our social value set that are necessary to comply with the BSA. These areas include a company’s net zero and EDI policies, and confirmation of whether they are a member of any external schemes such as Considerate Contractors.

So, how do these areas evidence a business’s behaviour? Take a net zero policy for example. It demonstrates that the company is forward thinking and has a plan in place to reduce its carbon emissions and impact on the environment. If they have an EDI policy in place, then it shows they care about their workforce and creating a safe and inclusive environment to work in – which ultimately leads to safer behaviours.


Step four: Evidence your competence with additional Act-specific questions in BSA Assessments

This is the most crucial step. Our new BSA Assessments let you easily showcase your competencies, and demonstrate that you’re aligned with the requirements of the Building Safety Act. These cover both standard construction projects and higher-risk buildings, allowing you to showcase your skills, knowledge, experience, behaviours and commitment to safety across a range of projects.

All of your answers and actions from the previous three steps will be updated within the BSA Assessments question set when logged into your membership account. Additionally, there will be some BSA-specific questions members will need to fill out, which have been created in line with BSI Flex 8670 V3.


Step five: Update your Common Assessment Standard

Build UK will be updating this question set so that it’s tailored to meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act in later this year as part of BSI Flex 8670 V4. If you’ve completed the four previous steps, then you’ll be ready to answer these additional questions as soon as they land. When the updated questions are launched, addressing them will ensure your profile remains fully verified and aligned with the Act’s demands.


Get prepared now

The Building Safety Act is the biggest change to building safety in a generation. As champions of positive change, we’ve worked with prominent industry buyers to make sure our members have everything they need to be fully prepared.

By following our outlined steps, you’ll not only meet the Act’s requirements but also demonstrate leadership and excellence in a changing industry landscape.

For more information on the Building Safety Act and how Constructionline can help your business navigate the legislation, please visit our BSA Resource Hub.  

Our BSA hub was developed as a central place to help you stay informed about the BSA with our free-to-use resources, such as guides, webinars, blogs, and videos.

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