Navigating the Building Safety Act: From Act to Action

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In our webinar, learn from Rob Walton, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, about why Constructionline has launched two new BSA Assessments and how completing them can help you achieve compliance.

 Constructionline is committed to assisting compliance, and here’s how:

  • The BSA Assessments – two new question sets at no additional cost to our Constructionline Gold or Platinum members, helping you demonstrate how to meet the new regulations.
  • Additionally, our BSA Radar provides data on supplier compliance, offering analytics and reports on High-Risk Building (HRB) and Standard Construction (SC), at no additional cost to our buyer members.

Webinar held: Wednesday 8th May 2024

Hosted by: 

  • Rob Walton – Chief Product and Engineering Officer
  • Nick Smith – Head of Sustainability and Regulatory
  • Mike Wood – Product Director

Key topics covered:

  • Who are Once For All
  • What the Building Safety Act means for your business
  • Deep dive into the secondary legislation
  • Demonstrating your business is compliant to buyers with our BSA assessments
  • Platform demo
  • Guidance and support from Constructionline
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