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WebEx CoCo Compliance

GCSX stands for Government Connect Secure Extranet. It is a secure, private, Wide Area Network (WAN) which enables secure interactions between connected local authorities and other GSi connected organisations.

GCSX is connected to the Government Secure Intranet (GSi), thus enabling secure interactions between local authorities and central government departments and national bodies. It also provides secure access from connected local authorities to many other secure networks

There are many benefits to local authorities from achieving the standard, uniform and high level security Code of Connection (CoCo), including compliance with the Data Protection Act and with both central government policy and the local government data handling guidelines. GCSX now provides a foundation upon which to build shared services and secure multi-agency joint working programmes.

WebEx is compliant with all CoCo compliancy regulations but not all CoCo recommendations (please see below) meaning it comes down to the individual public body to decide. CoCo Compliance is achieved with this process as the Constructionline Introduction will only be a one way connection.

GCSX No 18.1 Web Enabled Applications

The web browser and other web-enabled applications, such as media players MUST not run in the context of a privileged user.

WebEx is fully compliant

GCSX No 18.2 Web Enabled Applications

Its RECOMMENDED that all ActiveX controls are disabled

WebEx is fully compliant

GCSX No 18.3 Web Enabled Applications

Its RECOMMENDED that all Active content (e.g. JavaScript and VBScript) is disabled

WebEx requires Java Script to display the calendar on the WebEx website.

GCSX No 18.4 Web Enabled Applications

It is RECOMMENDED that all HTTPS access is disabled

WebEx requires HTTPS to secure the connection from users to the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud using SSL

GCSX No 18.5 Web Enabled Applications

It is RECOMMENDED that all the Java Virtual Machine is disabled

Webex requires Java Scripting