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30 October 2013

Could you benefit from the world’s biggest science project?

A €14 billion international experiment to unlock the power of nuclear fusion is being built in southern France – and there are commercial opportunities for British construction firms right now.

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ITER, a partnership between China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States, will be the first industrial-scale fusion reactor. It will test whether this safer form of nuclear energy can be used as a practical source for our electricity in the future.

If you thought CERN’s Large Hadron Collider was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet. At Cadarache in rural Provence, the 42-hectare ITER site has been carved out of the landscape and the foundations for the huge complex of scientific facilities are being laid. Site construction has already commenced and will continue over the next few years.

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Work opportunities for UK contractors on ITER

Subcontracting opportunities currently present the best avenue for UK companies to participate, either individually or networking with others. But there are still major contracts to be won – for example, the construction of ITER’s Hot Cell facility will be released for tender within the next year or so.

How do you get involved?

The UK Atomic Energy Authority – which co-ordinates Britain’s fusion programme at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire – is the first port of call for firms interested in ITER. By registering with their database, you can get news of contract tenders as they happen. Dan Mistry, the Authority’s Industry Manager, also plays the role of ‘matchmaker’, putting companies in touch to form consortia to bid for work where this is appropriate.

"We want to see UK plc get maximum benefit from the ITER project,"

says Dan Mistry.

"Already our firms have won over €200 million and this figure is rising all the time. This is a chance to win new business and work on a prestigious global project. Get in touch to make sure you don’t miss out."

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Also, to receive alerts on ITER and other fusion business opportunities, register your organisation at

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