5 ways to improve your chances of winning business on Constructionline

What steps can you take to make your business stand out from the crowd?

With access to nearly 20,000 construction professionals across more than 1,500 contractors on Marketplace, what steps can you take to make your business stand out from the crowd?

Here, we discuss our top five recommendations, which can help improve your chances of winning business on Constructionline and showcase your organisation and its capabilities in the best possible way.

1. Make sure you’re verified
Your company profile provides decision-makers with all the information they need to select you for an upcoming project.

With over 3.5 million searches made on the platform each year, it’s important that all sections of your profile are kept up to date and complete to maximise business opportunities. This includes details such as insurance policies, health and safety certificates, and staffing information.

Should any of these sections be left unanswered, or any expired documents not updated, then your membership will become unverified – meaning you run the risk of not being visible to main contractors, losing the opportunity for new work.

Buyers are seeking partners they can depend on, who can quickly demonstrate they’re a reliable and trustworthy supplier to do business with. Being verified is a simple but effective way of giving them this assurance, and makes life easier for everyone involved – a buyer isn’t having to chase you on credentials, and you have all your business’ details and documentation in one centralised place.

Verified accounts are 10 times more likely to appear in buyer searches. In fact, being verified is the most common criteria buyers use to narrow a search. Furthermore, suppliers that are verified have up to 4 times more buyer relationships than those who are not.

And with many buyers opting to only issue expressions of interest to verified businesses, it’s crucial to make sure all sections of your company profile are in order to ensure you’re not discounted immediately.

Fortunately, if any documentation is due to expire within the next 30 days, then we will automatically notify you of this via email. This gives you plenty of time to take the appropriate action and ensure your business details stay up to date.

Your account also includes an ‘Issues’ tab, which highlights any areas that need immediate attention, as well as notifying you about details that are set to expire in the next 30 days.

There’s also the option of Concierge, an additional service which helps you get verified and ensures you stay verified at all times, for an additional fee. One of our verification experts will monitor your profile and reach out when items are due to expire, plus any updated items you submit are reviewed within an hour.

2. Check you’re appearing for all the trades you cover
Similar to keeping all your company details and documentation in order, it also pays to check your account includes information on all the trades or categories of work your business covers. Perhaps the types of work you can supply have changed over time? Or your business has grown in recent years, and the locations you now serve have expanded too? Regardless, keeping your account information up to date ensures you have the best chance of seeing all the potential contracts you could help support on.

For example, should a buyer share an expression of interest for an area you cover, but your account has not been updated to reflect this fact, then you could miss out on a valuable tender opportunity.

Ensuring all your account information is correct means you’re more likely to appear in relevant searches and be targeted with expressions of interest.

We have a helpful video and guide that can help you manage compliance in your supplier portal.

3. Complete additional question sets to demonstrate everything you can offer
One area that many suppliers could take better advantage of is by answering additional question sets on their profiles. These help showcase the full extent of your business’ capabilities, and further assist buyers in finding you.

For instance, answering questions on social value will provide prospective partners with an insight into how you might have delivered a project in the past that benefited society, whether that be social, economic or environmental. Evidence of social value is being demanded by more and more high-profile buyers. Find out more here.

4. Meet industry-recognised standards
By meeting highly respected standards, you demonstrate to buyers that you mean business. Our Silver membership and above covers PAS 91, a common minimum requirement for construction procurement.

Our Gold and Platinum memberships cover the Common Assessment Standard, which is designed to standardise the prequalification process, improving supply chain efficiency, minimising risks, and cutting costs. Championed by Build UK and the Civil Engineering Association, many buyers are demanding the Common Assessment Standard as a prerequisite for suppliers tendering for projects.

Meanwhile, all our membership levels contain Acclaim’s SSIP accreditation. SSIP is an umbrella body for assessment schemes, helping to reduce duplication and cost for both buyers and suppliers. Not only does this provide one platform for managing compliance and health and safety information, but it could save you up to 40% on cost when compared with holding multiple other health and safety schemes.

5. Upgrade to Gold membership

Buyers want the confidence and peace of mind of working with a supplier that’s committed to meeting the highest standards. A Gold membership, which includes the Common Assessment Standard, gives them that assurance. As a result, the decision to upgrade to a Gold membership could help improve your chances of winning more business on Marketplace.

By following each of these five recommendations, you stand the best chance of being on a buyer’s radar when it comes to them finding a trusted and reliable new partner to work with.

Make sure you’re seizing new business opportunities today by logging into your Constructionline account. Marketplace can easily be accessed in the left-hand navigation bar.

Interested in finding out more about how to win new work with Constructionline? Then we have a webinar on just this topic, discussing:

  • Tips on what to do and what not to do when setting up your profile for the biggest impact
  • What buyers look for when sourcing new suppliers
  • Using Marketplace, including Find, Track, saving searches and favouriting opportunities

Watch the webinar here

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