Introducing Marketplace

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Marketplace tool, which means Constructionline Suppliers can now access hundreds of thousands of opportunities from a wide range of public and planning procurement portals in one intuitive platform.

If you’re a Constructionline Supplier, you should now see a new ‘Marketplace’ tab on the main menu when you log into your Constructionline account. We want to make sure that you can start making the most of this new feature as soon as possible – so here’s how it works and how you can use Marketplace to grow your revenue.

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Where do the projects on Marketplace come from?

Marketplace indexes opportunities from the following platforms…

  • Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) is the online version of the Official Journal of the European Union, and it combines public procurement notices from across the EU. TED publishes around 235,000 calls to tender every year, which have a combined value of approximately £458 billion.
  • Find a Tender is the new portal that was created post-Brexit for high value UK notices, which make up around 34% of all contract opportunities in the UK. The criteria for what is classed as a high value tender changes every other year and depending on the type of tender, but they are usually above £118,000.
  • Contracts Finder is a portal for all contracts with the government and its agencies worth over £10,000. The NHS, local authorities, emergency services and armed forces all rely on private sector services, and on average they spend a combined £290 billion on procurement every year.
  • Over 400 UK local authorities planning portals, which contain all of the planning applications submitted by private organisations and individuals within each local authority. In Q1 2021 alone, over 124,000 planning permission applications were submitted across all UK local authorities.

What information can I find in Marketplace?

With Marketplace, it couldn’t be easier to find detailed information on relevant opportunities for your business.

First, we give you a range of search filters to provide you with only those projects that are of interest to your organisation. So you can search using specific keywords, e.g. ‘plumbing AND electrical’, and CPV codes as wide-ranging as 45000000 (Construction work) or as specific as 4511320 (Porches construction work). You can also search by the date a project was published or the deadline date, by location and by maximum contract value.

Within your search results, you will see an overview of every project that matches your criteria. On this page, you can view a brief description of the project and its status (whether it’s a notice or an award), as well as information on the client, location, the project’s published date and deadline and the maximum value (if there is one).

You can then select a particular project to see more details on that project. You will be able to see a more detailed description of the work that is required, as well as contact details for the lead contact for the project, so you can email them straight away. We also provide you with a link to the source of the project, which means you can simply click through to the opportunity on the portal it was originally posted on. The portal may give you even more information on the opportunity – on OJEU TED, for example, you’ll be able to see whether it involves a framework agreement or if it’s covered by a Government Procurement Agreement.

How else can Marketplace benefit my business?

In addition to giving you easy access to hundreds of thousands of public and private projects, Marketplace also gives you the ability to:

  • Gain visibility across projects at all stages – private projects are submitted at planning stage, for example, so you can see opportunities from planning all the way through to tender
  • Save your searches – e.g. ‘plumbing construction work in Reading’ – so that you can easily reuse the same search filters whenever you wish to search for new work
  • Set up notifications for each of your saved searches, so you get an email sent straight to your inbox whenever a new project is posted that meets your specific criteria.
  • Receive expression of interest notifications that alert you when your business is specifically targeted by a buyer based on your skill set and profile, so you can review opportunities and be among the first to apply
  • Republish opportunities you’re bidding for to your pool of subcontractors, or to the wider Constructionline audience, so you can easily find subcontractors to help you deliver the work and boost your chances of winning the opportunity.

Make the most of Marketplace

If you need any support in getting to grips with our Marketplace tool, our team of experts are here to help. If you’re logged into your Constructionline account, you can use our Live Chat function to talk to one of our team members directly, or you can call us on 0333 300 3066.

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