Tips for managing your supply chain and complying with Building Safety Act Legislation

It’s no secret that growing your supply chain means increasing risk.  

Looking beyond Tier 1 can make it difficult to manage and easy to lose sight of which suppliers you are using, especially when trying to comply with the Building Safety Act (BSA). Fortunately, there are ways to manage it.  

The Building Safety Act is a tricky piece of legislation to navigate and can be quite intimidating, with references to Secondary Legislation, duty holders, and more: so where do you begin?  

Here, we look at ways you can manage risk in your supply chain and comply with the Building Safety Act regulations.  


What is the Building Safety Act 2022?   

The Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA) is a vital piece of legislation that came into effect on 1 October 2023, designed to enhance regulations in building safety and construction. It encompasses all means of ensuring compliance and competency throughout the design, construction and occupation phases.  

In light of the 2017 Grenfell tragedy, this new law addresses the issues around a lack of accountability throughout a building’s lifecycle to ensure such an event doesn’t happen again; something Constructionline helps you understand through its various free resources for buyers and suppliers, including the Essential Guide to the Building Safety Act. 

As a principal contractor, it is important that you understand your culpability under the Building Act secondary legislation to provide the best practice in terms of duty holder responsibilities, ensuring that all parties in your supply chain are also committed to fulfilling their obligations. 

The new Building Safety Act legislation will lay the foundation for a safer future within the construction industry, preventing past building safety issues from reoccurring. 

Following the new BSA reform, Constructionline aims to provide invaluable tools to help make sure Buyers and Suppliers remain compliant with the new legislation. 


What is a BSA Assessment?  

BSA Assessments are available for Gold and Platinum suppliers (at no extra cost), where they can review their current processes, knowledge and behaviours within a structured framework and easily demonstrate these credentials to the industry. Here, buyers can see which suppliers comply with their projects and align with BSA Standards, such as BS 8670-1: 2024*.  

Created in partnership with key industry partners, BSA Assessments have been developed to tackle two primary areas: standard construction and higher-risk buildings. 

*Please note on 31st May, BSI Flex 8670 was superseded by BS 8670-1:2024. 

How do suppliers complete BSA Assessments?  

Suppliers fill in BSA Assessments on the Constructionline (Once For All) platform, where they complete thorough question sets before going through verification stages, submitting information across:   

  • Work categories  
  • Financials  
  • Training information  
  • Fire and structural safety policies  
  • Infractions to be aware of 
  • Insights into key organisational behaviours  

Meeting such thresholds means suppliers can demonstrate their due diligence in meeting legal and competency requirements to the Client and Principal Contractor; an integral component of the BSA. On the platform, buyers can filter by BSA-compliant suppliers, where they may also display competence to meet Social Value, Common Assessment Standard (CAS) and Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) requirements. These suppliers can then be invited to tender and ultimately be a part of a buyer’s supply chain. 


What is BSA Radar? 

BSA Radar is an innovative tool for assessing your supply chain and projects in conjunction with the demands of the Building Safety Act regulations.  

In just one-click you can get a quick overview of your supply chain to see which suppliers have taken the time to review their knowledge, competence, processes and behaviours, with a specific focus on the areas of non-compliance that may have serious legal or reputational repercussions for your company. It tracks 14 million data points, helping buyers make fast decisions based on actionable, real-time insights from within the platform.

BSA Radar - BSA-assessed suppliers

Being able to see all this information in one place saves both time and resource that would usually be spent checking each individual company’s credentials.  

The BSA Radar tool is available to all those with a Constructionline Buyer membership. 


How can BSA Radar help me? 

Through a variety of visual data, users can draw out the most relevant insights, ensuring real-time analytics on your supplier chain at the touch of a button. This results in an efficient turnaround while still meeting the required industry standards.

BSA Radar - find BSA-assessed suppliers

Through the use of BSA Radar, Buyers can be assured that they can mitigate and manage non-compliance risks while demonstrating that due diligence has been achieved.  

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What else can Constructionline help with? 

In addition to ensuring you remain compliant with the new BSA standards, Constructionline offers: 

Marketplace Publish – the ability to publish projects to find BSA compliant suppliers and build your supply chain 

Builders’ Conference – real-time analytics to build your market intelligence and keep and eye on your competitors, as well as access to historical data 

Risk Radar – insights into suppliers’ financial, ethical, environmental and safety events to help you make an informed decision and aid with compliance and construction supply chain risk management 

BidWork – tender management software, saving you time in the tender process by using unique X-Ray technology to scan all documents to extract only the relevant information  

Multi-tier Supply Chain Management –a projects feature that helps main contractors manage and monitor their entire supply chain 

Used together, these solutions ensure your supply chain remains up to date, risk-free and compliant with the latest building safety act legislation.  


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