Back to Basics Webinar

In this 30min webinar join our head of Success Lili Boev, sharing practical tips to set your profile up for success and help you stand out to potential buyers on our platform.

Webinar held: 9th November 2022
Hosted by: Lili Boev – Head of Customer Success

Overview of the webinar:

3:17 – General Housekeeping
13:01 – Verification
20:01 – Completing Your Profile
25:35 – Membership Benefits
30:29 – Summary
31:46 – Q&A

Key webinar highlights:

General Housekeeping- the steps you need to take to improve your profile including

  • Company Overview: your elevator pitch to buyers. Highlight the most important aspects in the first 4 lines.
  • Areas of Operation: update your head office, registered office, regional offices and areas of operation where you deliver work. This is important to be matched to relevant opportunities.
  • Contacts: Update your contacts including your Primary Contact (the main person Constructionline need to get in touch with), Enquiry Contact (the person you want perspective buyers to get in touch with), Director Contact and Billing Contact (for any invoice and renewal notifications). Also update your user access so your Business Development team can get access to Marketplace, and your Compliance team can access the Compliance areas of the platform.
  • Work Categories: check your work categories are up to date and verified. Do a F5 search for your key terms on our work categories pdf which you can download here

Verification – how to get verified and stay verified

  • The process of verification is broken down into sections, which have requirements, which have questions to complete.
  • You don’t have to wait to complete all the questions before submitting for verification.
  • Most requirements are accessed within 48hrs.
  • Before starting the verification process:
  • Download the checklist for your membership level here
  • Read the checklist
  • Find all the policies and documents you need to submit, make sure they are in date within the last 12 months and signed by a director. Put them in one folder to make it easier for you to upload them.
  • Have your most recent financial accounts ready
  • Make sure your insurance policy documents are in date with the policy number
  • Have evidence of training of your employees

Completing Your Profile

  • Start with updating your identity
  • Submit each section for verification as you go through systematically
  • If you are a Small or Micro business, some questions you will answer ‘no’, but if you have included your employee count on your profile, this will be considered, and won’t prevent verification.
  • We have lots of tools to help you complete your profile within the platform as well as our knowledge base, YouTube videos, Webinar replays. We also have a live chat button on our platform which has an average response time of 30 secs with a real human from our Customer Success team.

Membership Benefits

  • Social Value verification – completing this question set gives you the opportunity to showcase the positive benefits working with your company has, which is becoming increasingly important for tenders, especially in the public sector.
  • All memberships include Acclaim SSIP accreditation
  • Meet the Buyer events – we host these events across the UK throughout the year to offer the opportunity for Suppliers to meet Buyers face-to-face.
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